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Epson R220 keeps 'spitting' CD/DVD tray out when trying to print?

  buel 21:23 21 Feb 2013

Hi, After some utterly brilliant help from FruitBat and Spuds last night with my old R285 printer, I thought Id dig out my R220 and try the same 'cure'. Unfortunately this did not work but id still like a bit of help if someone has any ideas please?

Basically, when i try to load a CD or DVD to print, the printer takes the tray in, thinks about it for a while, takes it all in, brings it back, the printer head looks as if it is about to print on the CD/DVD and then spits the tray out again. This happens over and over and it never actually prints.

Please could i have some ideas please?

Thank you.

  buel 22:21 21 Feb 2013

Hi anyone?

  sharpamat 06:40 22 Feb 2013

Make sure there is enought clearance at the back to allow the tray to emerge fully, its a fairly common problem

  spuds 10:03 22 Feb 2013

If the above suggestion fails, then check that the cd/dvd is installed correctly or as a 'correct and compatible type of disk with appropriate writing capacity'. There are some unsuitable disks that will end up as coasters or tea mats. Are you using the same type of disks, without having previous problems?.

Another possible suggestion: Uninstall the printer from the computer, then reinstall as a new device, using the latest appropriate driver.

  buel 20:53 22 Feb 2013

Thank you. There is plenty of room behind the printer. The DVDs are fine and work fine on the repaired R285. The software that works perfect on the R285 is the same software that I use on the R220?

  buel 16:25 24 Mar 2013


Any more ideas how to solve this problem? There is plenty of room at the back of the printer and the same software lets my R285 print perfectly?

  LastChip 16:35 24 Mar 2013

What happens if you print a page first (just a few lines) and then try and print a CD?

  buel 16:55 24 Mar 2013

Ah, exactly the same im afraid- it takes the tray in, feeds it out until the cd is being 'checked over' by the ink heads....and then spits it all out. So frustrating!

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