Epson R200 refuses to print

  emmybee 01:03 09 Mar 2012

My Epson R200 suddenly stopped in the middle of printing a photo, and now won't print anything - even a nozzle check! All the lights are on, there's plenty of ink, and no error messages. The printer window says it is printing, but it isn't. I'm using Windows XP Home. Any ideas?

  Kevscar1 05:22 09 Mar 2012

Switch off unplug reboot then reconnect. If that doesn't work delete and reinstall.

  sharpamat 08:14 09 Mar 2012

To add to the advice already posted if you choose the remove you will need to fully remove all the epson software completley both the drivers and other software not only using the uninstall option but physically from your HD. Whilst re-installing do not turn the printer on untill prompted.

This sounds very much like an internal problem eiter with full waste pads ( a messy Job ) or internal page counters. These can be reset with a little utility from Do ensure you fully understand what you are doing befere you use it.

You do not say what OS you are useing, there may be updateds on the Epson Website

Whilst it may be posssable if you have no luck in getting it working again the cost is not cheap and it would be cheaper to replace it

  emmybee 09:59 09 Mar 2012

Thanks, sharpamat. I sorted the full waste pads and counter problem last year with an external waste ink bottle and a counter reset. I use XP Home, fully up-to-date. I'll try your suggestions later and report back!

  emmybee 00:18 10 Mar 2012

Hi sharpamat! Tried my printer on my other PC (a laptop) which had all the necessary Epson drivers, and the printer didn't work on that, either. So I guess a replacement is necessary! Thanks for your advice.

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