Epson R200 'Draft print' default settings

  the old man 15:02 20 Apr 2006

How can I print a draft copy of a web page so that it just comes out in black text. Used to be able to change settings on my old epson 500.
Possibly not seeing the wood for the trees as I have looked at online manual and not seen how to do it.

  the old man 16:49 20 Apr 2006

Printed something out for the daughter earlier off the web for her to look at later.
It had blue words for links and thin purple lines seperating F.A.Q.'s and suchlike. On old printer, I could determine that the draft copy, to save on ink, could come out as is, with colour, or just print out in black.
With the R200 I cannot find this and the draft is poor quality but still in colour.
Don't want colour, want all black text.

Yours truly, S.C.ROOGE.

  Stuartli 17:15 20 Apr 2006

I've bought three sets of Epson compatibles at £3.98 a set at:

click here

You'll note it's now seven cartridges (two blacks) and the price has risen to £4.69.

They are branded Sumvision (of MP3 player and similar products fame).

  Stuartli 17:34 20 Apr 2006

>>Plus by altering the Advanced settings it may alter the printing for all the qualities I don't know.>>

The Epson saftware can be configured to provide "templates" for each desired photo paper size, printing quality, borderless etc in a range of combinations as required.

The Epson website support pages state, with regard to black only printing:

Q: The printer is out of color ink even though I print in black only. Why does this happen?

A: To keep the print head clear, the printer uses a small amount of ink from all the cartridges whenever it prints.

Even if you select Black Only, some color ink is still beng used.

  The Old Mod 18:30 20 Apr 2006

Full set £4.99 from

  Stuartli 19:40 20 Apr 2006

I'm can assure you that I am not talking porkies...:-)

Why, in fact, would I even need to do so?

You have seemingly failed to allow for the p and p in your £10.55 figure.

I paid just under £12 for three sets (£3.98 a set of six) plus £4.99 postage - they were ordered online late on a Saturday night about a fortnight ago and arrived on the Tuesday morning.

The link now brings up an offer of seven cartridges for £4.69 but includes two blacks.

However I've not need to change my current cartridges yet so have had no chance to try them.

  Stuartli 19:45 20 Apr 2006

...of ordering the seven pack of cartridges.

The shopping basket lists the price less VAT and then including VAT; the latter figure equals the orignal onscreen price of £4.69.

  the old man 18:10 21 Apr 2006

Mike, thanks for that.

The rest of you, go and play up your own end.

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