Epson R200

  maz2 14:04 24 Oct 2004

Is there any way to use less ink when printing CD media

  jack 14:25 24 Oct 2004

Select the Film setting this uses the least Ink of all
I print everything this way even on top quality Gloss/Pearl for display work.

Also do a google for 'Inksaver' download the rial -here you can ajust the amount of ink.

  maz2 15:00 24 Oct 2004

I can't find the film setting on checking I have it set to text and when printing a cd it comes up as media type cd/dvd best photo

  maz2 15:52 24 Oct 2004

I've installed inksaver so I'll give that a go see how it turns out Thanks

  jack 16:59 24 Oct 2004

Look at Properties when you select the printer
Here you will see a window with the words Plain Paper .click the down arros and a selection of paper types are offered.
Select 'Transparancy'

  maz2 23:13 24 Oct 2004

Thanks for that thick or what, anyway I've done that and installed inksaver so I'll just have to wait until I have a disk to print, the only thing I was wondering about is when you print a disk doesn't it automatically revert to media as CD/DVD and best photo

  jack 10:50 25 Oct 2004

I have to say I dont recall, becuase it is some time since I played with direct disk printing.
having tried a few times by putting a blank lable on a disk[not having a printable disk to hand]
and had go, I found the software options a little constraining ,reverted to my extisting lable printing program.

If you are happy now dont forget to tick the solved box and click the button
When you have given a result report, it all helps.

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