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  myphrill 23:58 07 Jan 2005

I have a real problem, and its pathetic because i think its a money making scheme by Epson.
I have colour and black ink, but my father took the colour ink out (im not sure why) and put it back in after he did what he wanted to do. Now the damn printer says theres no ink, i mean this is insane. My old Canon one never did this, you could take em out and put them back in and they'd work fine still. Its because these cartridges have stupid chips on them and now my pc thinks the colour is empty but its half full, (probably dried up by now...)

And i refuse to pay for another ink cartridge when i have a half full one right here. Can anyone help? Is there any program to download that can over ride this stupid thing so the printer just prints, without knowing its ink content like good old printers did.

I don't wanna here people telling me to go buy more ink, i'd rather buy a new printer that didnt have this stupid chip system.


  Eargasm 00:08 08 Jan 2005

It depends on the model of printer, this might help it allows you to reset the ink counters. click here

  myphrill 00:10 08 Jan 2005

Oh wow, so it'll print 'blind' without knowing how much ink is in the cartridges? Like the good old fashioned ones?

  myphrill 00:31 08 Jan 2005

Hey, that program you advised i use...well it doesnt say its compatible with my printer. the what do i do? Theres only caters for C45, thats as near to mine as they get. Any other utility programs like this that are compatible with my printer do you know?

  Amyfa 03:53 08 Jan 2005

It does work with your printer as I had the same one and used it ok.

  fieldyweb 05:42 08 Jan 2005

I had a colour Epson Injet a few years back, and exactly the same thing happened, buy new cartridges, which cost a fortune, and well basically the same thing was happening, so i took the printer to the epson repair centre, and was told basically that "This was how the printer worked" and yes, basically dried up or not, the ink is not actually empty. the Chip does mis register, basically there is more money to be made on consumables that the printer itself, the profit margins on Toners and printers have ALWAYS been huge for companies like Epson. Another problem is tha on most epsons, i think the print head is actually part of the printer, rather than the cartrige, so removing the cartridge like that may have dameged the print head, another expensive item to repair....

  ened 06:39 08 Jan 2005

I have an Epson 925 and was lucky to get 5 A4 size photographs per colour cartridge. I had other problems with it as well and had absolutely no help from Epson whatsoever.
Recently I bought a Canon Pixma 6000D and it is fantastic.

I agree with you that Epson are a rip off, not only because of the chips giving bogus readings but also because of the cost of the ink.

Another thing that I have heard about epson is that their heads have a design 'fault' whereby after so many prints they will cease working and only a knowledgeable person can get them working again (ie Epson repair centre).

  jack 08:42 08 Jan 2005

You need a Chip resetter that 'Zeros' the chips.
Refill inks to squirt
or Compatable cartidges
All available from here

click here
or compatable carts availbe from here

click here

Epson printers are brill as long as you stop and think a bit, and read the PCA backpages

  rickf 09:42 08 Jan 2005

why not just use compatibles from companies like Choice. never had problems with their cartridges with my various Epsons over the years from a 680 to my present R300. There is a procedure for changing and therefore taking out cartridges from a printer which has to be followed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:45 08 Jan 2005

Have just "repaired" a C42ux using the epson service utility from the link posted by Eargasm. The hardest part was getting the cover off the printer.

The tool will reset cartridges so no need for a chip re-setter it also resets waste ink counters etc. to overcome the "design fault" as described by ened.

  ened 13:34 08 Jan 2005

I'm pleased there is a way around the waste ink counter, but what do you do when the tray is over full. Is that easily accessible as well?

I have used Canon cameras for years and bought an Epson printer because they were reputed to be one of the best. Everyone has different experiences and I feel that the Epson was an ongoing waste of money (Although I have no complaints about the quality of the printing).
I wish I had bought a Canon printer earlier.
The ink, whereever you get it from, is cheaper and it seems to last about 5 times as long.

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