epson printer won't work - head banging noise

  notrom 14:13 17 Nov 2005

I have an epson C42ux and for some reason the printer head is stuck on the far right side of the carriage and making a rapid banging noise against the casing - it seems to be trying go move left but is almost immediately pulled back, thus causing the noise. The only way to stop it is to pull the plug on it. Have tried epson diagnostic page and they suggest it needs a service, hardly worth it on a cheap printer!!! Any suggestions anyone, please?

  watchful 14:21 17 Nov 2005

I had the same trouble with mine and Epson advised a service but it wasn't worth it so, unfortunately, I had to get a new printer. Sorry but I couldn't find a way of repairing it.

  pj123 14:59 17 Nov 2005

Give this a try. Not guaranteed, but worth a try.

Switch the printer on, as soon as it starts moving to the left pull the mains plug out. Now physically move the cartridges all the way to the left, (as far as they can go).

Plug the power lead back in and switch the printer on again.

It has worked for me once or twice.

  notrom 15:55 17 Nov 2005

Thanks pj123 but it didn't work - moved head to far left and it returned for more banging. What it did do is reveal some sort of white plastic mechanism (with a black and inky bit where it interfaces with the head)on the right that was hidden by the printer head where it was stuck and banging (sounds a bit rude, but I think you know what I mean!). Whatever this mechanism is, it's loose and floppy (rude again!). Have tried prising off cover to fix it but to no avail (depite an earlier posting suggesting how to). At least you seem to have helped me see that the machine is completely knackered. Still, thanks for help anyway.

  pj123 16:19 17 Nov 2005

Sorry that didn't help in your case.

Looks like a new printer is on the list.

Try the Epson R200, I have one and it is brilliant. Prints direct to CD/DVDs as well (you have to buy printable CD/DVDs)

Got mine from Ebuyer around £65.
click here

Compatibile ink from Choice Stationery at: click here

  jack 19:34 17 Nov 2005

The part you mentioned is the head cleaning and charging unit underthe head -appears to have dropped a screw.
Get the next printer.

  keverne 21:18 17 Nov 2005

Try this click here

  Wuggy 00:02 18 Nov 2005

The latest version of the C42 is the C46. Available from Comet click here
for £31.34 including postage. Better than a banging noise (in your head).

  Diemmess 09:30 18 Nov 2005

An almost new Epson printer suddenly produced the most awful noise, as though it was tearing itself apart.

Phoned Epson, they sent a contract engineer.
Like a sewing machine repair man he produced some very light machine oil and carefully wiped an oily tissue along each of the two shiney print head guide bars.

Nothing more was needed and the printer lasted for years.

His explanation was lack of lubrication resulting in the head being too stiff for the stepper motor which when stalling makes that frightening noise.

  spuds 09:44 18 Nov 2005

Heard a similar story, WD40 worked wonders. If you are thinking of a replacement printer, what have you to lose. Give it a try.

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