Epson Printer won't recognising cartridge!!

  AngeTheHippy 10:30 26 Aug 2005

Morning Chaps,
I've had this printer, Epson Stylus Photo 870 for almost 4 years. It's given no problems AT ALL in that time, but this morning when it flagged I needed to replace the colour cartridge, it keeps saying 'the installed color ink cartridge cannot be recognised by this printer. Please replace the color ink cartridge'. For the past 2+ years, I've been using Print Rite cartridges with no problems whatsoever, so has anyone any clues why this is happening now? JUST when I'm about to print an IMPORTANT letter??

Any advise appreciated. I don't really wanna buy another printer just yet, as this has been so good.


  jack 10:50 26 Aug 2005

Strange the Printer decides now to challenge yourt cart, This suggests a dud card chip.
Download the followin untiliity
click here
When run right click the task bat icon and it will give you all sorts of options to sort out recalcitrant Epsons
Come back if you need more info in running when you have it.

  AngeTheHippy 10:55 26 Aug 2005

thanks fo your reply there - I clicked on yr link but says 'the connection was refused when attempting to connectto'. Any other links please?



  AngeTheHippy 10:56 26 Aug 2005

thanks fo your reply there - I clicked on yr link but says 'the connection was refused when attempting to connect to'. Any other links please?



  ton 12:20 26 Aug 2005

The link was wrong, this one should work click here

  jack 14:50 26 Aug 2005

Thank you Ton, its me fik fingers.
Ange, if you use cartridges only, before you discard one, use the utility to Zero the chip.pick the chip off and keep it safe.Then if you have this again swap chips.A little bit of blue tack will it stick on.

  AngeTheHippy 17:27 26 Aug 2005

but I can't make head nor tail of this... it must be an 'off' day for me. If you've used this, pls can you tell me step by step wot u did?

many thanks,


  jack 19:44 26 Aug 2005

assuming you have it down loaded and installed
Clicking on the program icon simply gives an illustration of the ink levels[I am working from memory here because I have a bug that stops me looking]
However if you find the decktop task bar icon[Taskbar at bottom of the screen] which is a printer symbol
simply run the cursor along the task bat and the name of each icon should appear,When you find the SSC Utilitiy one hold the cursor over it and RIGHT click, a pop up wind will come up offering to clean, check levels , reset, and all sorts of other things
playaround with it and see what happens.

  Southernboy 21:06 26 Aug 2005

with an Epson printer and a Choice Staionery cartridge. I have used them for some time, but now this. I wonder if there is something built in that operates after a certain number of cartridges to refuse any further ones?

We all know how Epson hate us using non-Epson consumables!

Jack - what you suggest does not enable troubleshooting of the type necessary to discover why a cartridge is being refused.

  AngeTheHippy 09:34 27 Aug 2005

yeah - I'ts d/loaded and installed OK, and I've opened it - Ink level report is fine, 100% Black, only changed that Tuesday this week, colour nothing. Next tab, 'configure' is obvious, done that too - also played about with the 3 options underneath selected printer model. But the 'resetter' tab - now this is the only one I don't understand - whatever I select on this one, write/check or test, I get the message 'device not found' - even trying to use the 'cartridge exchange' selected from the small icon in the system tray, it says 'the function isn't supported in the current printer state' - even though the printer's turned on, model selected etc.


Earlier this week, I noticed an entry in tesk manager/processes, it was something like: E_DD03.exe - I even posted a message on this board about it, but can't look in 'your postings' to get full details cos it's been disabled. Anyway, the answer was that it was something to do with Epson.
Ah! Just found it in search: it's : E_DPPE03.EXE .



  spuds 10:33 27 Aug 2005

Why not uninstall, then reinstall the printer and see if that makes a difference.

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