Epson printer won't print

  matthewowl 17:07 29 May 2011

I have a Epson Stylus Photo R240. It wasn't used for a few weeks so I wasn't surprised when trying to print and little or no ink ending up on the page. I've put in new cartridges (cheapo ones but they're normally OK for me) and run the "Clean Print Head" function numerous times. There are no error messages but still very little ink is getting on the page. Is there anything anyone can suggest?

  johndrew 10:53 30 May 2011

It is possible the print head(s) is(are) blocked. There are three ways around this, the first is to do as you have done and leave the ink from the new cartridges to 'soak' through - it will eventually clean the heads: two is to buy a cleaner cartridge and follow the instructions - again this may take some time: three is to manually clean using a syringe and plastic tube or soaking with water. A search on Google will provide many hits e.g. link text

  kristain 11:56 30 May 2011


Ensure that the cables are properly connected; you need to ensure that your printer is properly connected, and plugged in, and also the cable is accurately connected to the computer as well.

Check the power; make sure that the printer’s power is switched on, ensure that all the computer necessary computer components are also turned on.

Make sure that the hardware is properly plugged in, and also turned on. Apply troubleshooting.

A troubleshooter is a tool, which is generated automatically and which can easily fix the problems that occur with your system.

Thus, if you are coming across different issues related to your printer, then you can consult the troubleshooter.

You require driver applications to run your hardware devices.

Make sure that the drivers are not outdated, corrupt, or incompatible, resulting in disrupting the communication between the printer and the computer.

Always make sure that you are making use of the most recent and latest device drivers, and also that are compatible with your system requirements and specifications, as this can be extremely useful in resolving printer issues.

  woodchip 19:24 30 May 2011

Jets are blocked, they need leaving to soak Warm Water or that stuff that's used to clean heads on tape deck. Take the carts out and syringe with a bit of plastic tube and fit over the bit that pricks the Carts when you put them in, do not squeeze two hard or you will pop the jets in the epson

  spuds 20:15 31 May 2011

You might find some interesting information in the three links. Also the cleaning fluid would most likely be ISO- PROPYL- ALCOHOL.

  matthewowl 21:03 31 May 2011

Thanks everyone for your replies.

kristain - its not a problem with power or cables, as data is clearly moving to the printer, paper is feeding OK and minute traces of ink are "flowing". But thanks for taking the time to respone.

I will look at the cleaning suggestions in more detail at the weekend as I'm away from home for a few days now. I'll report back!

Thanks again

  kristain 11:24 02 Jun 2011


The following may work: remove all the ink supplies. Remove the printhead and soak it for about 5 minutes in 0.5" of very hot water. Gently blot the printhead on a soft damp paper towel to remove the excess water, then replace in the printer and then reinstall the ink supplies.

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