Epson printer sx415 printing problems/paper jam

  geek84 10:37 30 Jun 2010


I have a paper jam in the printer. I have taken out as much of the jammed paper as possible (there may still be some paper jammed, which I can't see), but their still seems to be a problem. When I put some new paper in, the printer still keeps on saying that there is no paper in the printer.

Can you please advice the best solution.

Many Thanks

  northumbria61 10:59 30 Jun 2010

(there may still be some paper jammed, which I can't see)

You need to free the printer first of all paper which is jammed before it will work correctly again otherwise you will continue to get the error message. The printer can't reset itself whilst there is still a problem.

  northumbria61 11:03 30 Jun 2010

No reply from Yahoo Answers either "manjinder C" ?

  geek84 09:28 11 Aug 2010

Hi Folks

I rang Epson to explain the paper jam problem to them, and they asked me to bring the printer to one of their local centres (which is 10 miles away from me) and they will try to take it out. They also said if they cannot take out the paper, then they will give me a refurbished printer as a replacement.

Do you think it is a good idea to go ahead with the replacement if they cannot get the paper out? So in effect, I will be replacing my printer with a second hand one!


  northumbria61 11:30 11 Aug 2010

No problem with a "refurb" - it will have been serviced and in full working order.

  geek84 13:43 06 Sep 2010

Hi Folks

I took the printer to PC World and they managed to get the jammed paper out! However, when I bought it home and tried to print (after connecting up the printer as normal), nothing seems to print.

Does that mean there may still be some paper jammed in the printer, or have PC World managed to create a fault in the printer!!

Thanks in advance for your response.

  woodchip 13:56 06 Sep 2010

A refurbished printer is as good as a new one, when Epson as done the work. It will also be reset to as new

  woodchip 13:57 06 Sep 2010

PS warranty should be as long as what you have left or six months whatever is the greatest

  geek84 10:27 17 Dec 2010

Hi Folks

I have got the printer fixed now - it is working as normal.

This may sound like a silly question, but for the future, how can I make sure that I have put the paper in the printer properly, before pressing the print button on the pc?

Thank You.

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