Epson printer suddenly changes to German - help!

  RevMike 23:18 27 Apr 2008

My Epson DX5000 has worked fine for a year or so. Suddenly all the printewr screens are appearing in German on the screen when I print anything. How do I change it back to English? The user manual has nothing I can find about changing language...

  Stuartli 23:28 27 Apr 2008

You may need to reinstall the driver (or the latest drivers from the Epson website) and make sure you choose English as the language.

  Sea Urchin 00:02 28 Apr 2008

The person on this forum had the same problem, and it seems that the answer given by Mouse solved the problem. If you click on "problem solved" it takes you to an Epson site which has downloads for an Operation Guide and a Start Up Guide - presumably it's the first of these you have checked? Maybe try the second? "Alanbrooke" managed to find the answer somewhere

click here

  Sea Urchin 00:08 28 Apr 2008

OK have now looked at the Startup Guide and that won't help you. So I don't know where they found the solution!!!

  Sea Urchin 00:19 28 Apr 2008

You could e-chat to a technician on Monday on this site

click here?

  RevMike 14:29 28 Apr 2008

Thanks to all who contributed. [Stuartli - I reinstalled printer driver, but no joy. I then tried the forum suggested by Sea Urchin - as he says, whatever Mouse suggested seems to have worked for Alanbrooke, but the thread doesn't make it clear what was said!!]
I then tried the Epson e-talk suggested by Sea Urchin (first I had heard of such a forum). Stunningly quick reply (took all of 5 seconds for Epson to come back to me and promise an e-mail to sort matters....the fact that they have guidance "in stock" suggests it's a known problem.) Their guidance is:
Step One:

Switch off and disconnect the printer. Go to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, and EPSON PRINTER SOFTWARE (this may be named in a foreign language like 'EPSON DRUCKER SOFTWARE' - when you are at this stage and have selected to 'change/remove' this item, a window will appear titled 'EPSON Printer Utility' - above the icons of each of your EPSON printers will be a 'Printer Model' tab and 'Utility' tab. Please click on one of the printers so it is highlighted, then select 'Utility' - please tick every box listed in the 'Utility' section and select 'OK'. Answer positively to all questions and once the uninstall is complete, you will need to follow the same procedure to remove the other EPSON printer drivers by clicking on 'EPSON PRINTER SOFTWARE' again and 'CHANGE/REMOVE'.

Step Two:

Open up Windows Explorer or My Computer, and navigate to the drive (usually C) where windows is installed. Browse to the folders called windows/inf on XP, or winnt/inf on 2000. If you can not locate the INF folder please go into the START MENU and select RUN. If there is any text within this box please remove and type C:\windows\inf and press enter. Please be advised that 'C' represents the hard drive on your PC. If your hard drive is a different letter please amend as necessary.

Find the files labelled OEMxx.inf, where xx is a number from 00, 01, 02 etc upwards. You will need to double click on each INF file in turn, and if it says "SEIKO EPSON" or "EPSON" within the first few lines, then you need to close the file, and then delete it. Repeat this until all EPSON INF files are removed.

Note: You cannot open a PNF file. If the corresponding .INF file is a SEIKO EPSON file with the Printer Details, then when removing that .INF also remove the corresponding numbered .PNF file.

Step Three:

Staying in Explorer or My Computer, stay within the windows folder (winnt folder on 2000) and navigate to system32/spool/drivers, and go into the folder named "w32x86" and "3". Delete any folders that begin with "epson", and then restart. Once rebooted, empty the recycle bin, and attempt reinstallation of printer, using the instructions below.

Step Four:

MAKE SURE YOUR PRINTER IS STILL SWITCHED OFF AND DISCONNECTED AT THIS POINT. Insert your driver CD. Double Left Click on My Computer and select your CD drive by right clicking on the CD icon and select open. You should see various folders. If various language folders are not amongst them, please browse through the first set of folders and look for the 'English' folder. Hold down the left mouse button on the English folder and drag the folder out of the CD window onto the desktop and wait for the files to finish copying over. Now please remove the CD from the CD drive. Reboot your PC.

Step Five:

Double left click on the English folder on your desktop. Double left click on the folder that relates to your Operating System. Double left click on the setup folder and you should see a picture of a computer with the words SETUP underneath. Double left click on that and follow the on screen instructions to install the printer. Do not connect or switch the printer on until you are asked to do so. You will receive an on screen message asking you to ensure that the printer is connected and switched on. At this point, connect the printer back up and switch the printer back on. The PC will then detect the printer and continue to install.

Step Six:

Finally when the installation has finished you may delete the English folder from your desktop and then empty the recycle bin. Reboot the PC for the final time and try a test page to confirm that the printer is printing correctly. The tabs that were previously displayed in a foreign language should now be displayed in English.

  Sea Urchin 16:40 28 Apr 2008

Delighted to hear that your e-chat with Epson was a success (I assume the guidance worked for you) and it was good of you to publish the full details on your thread so that others might refer to it if necessary. I'm a great fan of these chat helplines - it's a pity that so few manufacturers operate them.

  RevMike 17:10 28 Apr 2008

Thanks, Sea Urchin. Actiually it didn't work out per instructions actually. Step 1 was OK, although there was no Utility tab, but the netal box worked it out for itself and deleted all the relevant untilities (I think I had to confirm "Yes"). Step 2 was OK - only one inf and associated .pnf file.
Step 3 was OK - there were no files beginning "Epson" - only one DAT file with PICEPSON which I left alone.
Step 4 - I dragged the English foilkder as per instructions, but when I later opened it (having re-booted again) there was no file that I could find showing operating systems (mine is old XP).
So I gave up following the instructions and simply inserted the CD to reinstall the Printer Driver. Everything seems cool now. Thanks for your interest and help.

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