epson printer settings

  joeltr 13:56 29 Aug 2004

i bought some ilford photo paper yesterday 238msg, inside the packet were some settings for printers, i just wanted to relay the tips for epson inkjets, my epson is an all in one cx3200,it isnt listed, but the c62 is as they use the same carts i thought i would try the settings, which were paper setting, photo quality gloss film, i know its best to try different settings, but i never for one moment thought about the gloss film setting for paper, i thought it was an option for t-shirt printing or the like, i just wanted to let interested printer users know the results are absolutely outstanding, the best pics i have produced, i use choice inks and with the usual settings sometimes they were a bit grainy looking, but these are perfect, hope this helps, regards , joel.

  jack 14:05 29 Aug 2004

Your are absolutly bang on Joel
Film setting for gloss paper is wizard for all my Epson printers.
Apart from the quality there is less ink sloshing around too- save loads on ink what ever the source.

  Totally-braindead 15:53 29 Aug 2004

Thanks for that, I too never thought of even trying this setting for paper. I'll give it a go the next time I'm printing some pics.

  joeltr 11:10 30 Aug 2004

im not sure if it works for every epson printer, but its worth a try, im really pleased with the results, there was another tip from ilford, it said to disable high speed option, joel.

  dotterel 00:56 31 Aug 2004

Will give it a try - to my postings!

  joeltr 16:42 31 Aug 2004

hope it works on your printer, i cant believe the difference, it slows the printer down a bit, but the end result was really impressive, joel.

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