Epson Printer Service Message and Issue

  EFC1878 17:54 07 May 2007

I am hoping that somebody can advise of a recent encountered problem I am having with my Epson R200 printer whihc I have had for 3 years and used a great deal with superb results.

About a week ago I started getting messages when printing via the Status Monitor that parts on my printer would need a service.

Today the position has worsened in that I can no longer use my printer at all.

The paper feed and ink out lights flash consecutively and I am unable to do anything with the printer e.g. cannot move the ink cartidges or print.

I went onto the Epson self help site and was told after a check that some parts on the printer were in need of a service but no further specific details.

This is a new issue to me and I would be interested to hear from anybody who has encountered this service issue before and advice on what to do.

Is there anything I can do to avoid a service and continue printing - the prints yesterday were still of a very high quality?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:33 07 May 2007

I have had for 3 years and used a great deal

The waste ink /pads are probably full and require emptying and the sevice counter will need resetting.

click here

  pj123 19:30 07 May 2007

My local Epson Service Centre (Jarrolds Norwich) charge a flat fee of £15 to reset and get your printer working again.

Try your own area for Epson Service Centres.

  postie24 19:36 07 May 2007
  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:49 07 May 2007

The SCS utilty will do the job for you.


  bluto1 21:52 07 May 2007


  EFC1878 22:37 07 May 2007

As always I am impressed both with the speed and the quality of the advice and help given.

I have various options available so will read the posts and decide which route to take.

As regards going to a service engineer [which I think would be a last resort after trying the other self help options] I would be concerned that they may not take action as I do not use Epson ink cartridges.

  pj123 11:44 08 May 2007

EFC1878, "I would be concerned that they may not take action as I do not use Epson ink"

It doesn't matter. My friend took his Epson 895 to Jarrold's and they reset it for him. He uses compatible ink, same as most of us do. In fact Jarrolds actually sell compatible ink cartridges for most printers. The link from postie24 is good. I have 2 Epson R220 printers, both are using a Continuous Ink System and have been modified to allow the waste ink to go into external containers.

  ollie220689 22:57 10 May 2007

Using compatiables once the printer is out of warrranty is not a problem, The service centre will still reset the counter for you. You also need the specific Epson software to perform this which is only avaliable to Epson centres

  EFC1878 16:53 13 May 2007

I have downloaded the DCD utility as advised and unhooked the tube into a separate container.

The tube looked remarkably clear!

I then right clicked on the SCS icon in the and selected reset all counters.

I then got a message saying "For your printer model reset counter functions are provided for special purposes only. Please use ink freezer functions instead"

Pree ok and got a message saying Done but red lights still flashing as if there is no change.

Can anybody advise me?

  pj123 18:47 13 May 2007

I think you left it too late to be able to use the above utilities. They need to be implemented while the printer is still working properly.

click here

to find your nearest Service Centre and then do the modifications once it is running again.

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