Epson printer problem

  heavymetalkid 23:24 27 May 2006

Evening all; I'm the proud owner of an Epson C62 printer which, if I don't use it for a week or two, always starts to print "erraticaly". Despite today repeatedly cleaning the heads time after time, all my prints are replete with horizontal banding lines. Can anyone advise?

  johnnyrocker 23:27 27 May 2006

a first question would be is it dust covered etc.


  heavymetalkid 23:38 27 May 2006

Evening pal, well not unduly, probably no more dust than the average slob!! Not anything I've ever thought about really: should I have?

  strech 23:39 27 May 2006

have you tryed head aligment

  johnnyrocker 23:41 27 May 2006

well i only asked as a fellow slob because i get grief with my seldom used printer unless i have it covered ( in my case with a towel ) as it previously gave a lot of grief trying to get good quality printing without a good head clean up etc.


  heavymetalkid 23:42 27 May 2006

Thanks Stretc...yeah, tried it, could have made it worse, wasn't too au-fait with Epson explanation???

  heavymetalkid 23:45 27 May 2006

Cheers Johnny, I repeatedly cleaned the heads, over and over,no joy. Should I try the towel shroud? Would you recommend an all-over cover>

  johnnyrocker 23:55 27 May 2006

anything that protects it really.


  Hertz Van Rentyl 23:58 27 May 2006

Could try this, does a power clean and black or colour separately.
click here

  heavymetalkid 00:24 28 May 2006

Many thanks Hertz, I actually had SSC a few months ago, lost it and forgot what it was called. I've just re-installed and deep cleaned, seems better. Thanks everyone. Does anyone know why, if Epson printers lie dormant for a while, the next time you use them they malfunction? Should be the othrt way round usage means they should work perfectly???

  terryf 01:20 28 May 2006

Presumably because the heads get clogged up with patially dried ink, my photo 750 was oout of use for a while, used cleaner cartridges and went through head cleaning, etc. and it gradually improved with use

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