Epson Printer Popup.aaargh!!!

  pubsinger 12:34 10 Dec 2004

I have an Epson R300 which I like very much. I have been using compatible inks for a while with no problems. Last week I installed a Jet-Tec black ink and since then I get a warning popup before EVERY print job naming this cartridge as non-Epson... This only happens with the Jet-Tec cartridge and it`s a real pain as I can`t click "Print" and walk away. Neither SVP (supplier) nor Jet-Tec can offer a solution. Does anyone hear know of any way to disable this??
I hae emailed Epson and told them that I think they are infringing my buyers rights. If I was rich I`d sue the sods!!

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 13:05 10 Dec 2004

your warrenty on printer will be invalid if you use non Epson cartiidges just a note dont know about the other bit tho I get that warnig only once when I use a non epson catridge when I replace an old on in my stylus photo915 by epson I just click ok

  Belatucadrus 13:53 10 Dec 2004

I think the warranty is only voided if the manufacturer can prove any damage was as a result of your using compatible cartridges. The OFT report click here into the IT market was very critical of some warranties wordings, see chapter 7. and suggested that some manufacturer warranties were both misleading and unfair. Some compatible manufacturers like Choice have a full replacement warranty if their cartridges cause any damage, so cover the user anyway.
Sorry it's not an answer to the pop-up problem, but don't give up on the compatibles.

  pubsinger 16:04 10 Dec 2004

I certainly won`t give up on the compatibles. I`e been using inkjets since Canon brought out the BJC600 in 1996 and have always used compatible cartridges or refills but never had as much hassle as this.

If Ford said your car`s warranty was void if you didn`t use Michelin tyres there would be an uproar. This is the same thing on a smaller scale. Imagine if your car refused to start because you filled up at Texaco instead of Shell???

This has got me really teed off!! Watch it Epson - I`m going to BBC Watchdog.

  pj123 16:27 10 Dec 2004

No, Epson can't void your warranty unless they can prove it was the compatible ink cartridge that caused the problem.

I only use compatible ink from Choice Stationery at: click here

They give a good guarantee that if any of their ink cartridges cause a problem with your printer, they will replace it.

I have never had any problems with the ink supplied by Choice Stationery. I have an Epson 915 and an Epson R200

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