Epson printer no longer supported

  Sapins 10:04 27 Mar 2018

Epson RX620, looks like there is no support. It prints last page first and I need to print first page first, any way I can do this?

  Forum Editor 10:21 27 Mar 2018
  Sapins 11:03 27 Mar 2018

Thanks Forum Editor, it looks promising and I will be reading through it later.

  Gordon Freeman 12:37 27 Mar 2018

What support are you referring to? Win 10 drivers?

  wiganken2 17:56 27 Mar 2018

For my Epson printer I can go into "Printing Preferences" and in the "Main" tab I have "Reverse Order" with a tick box next to it. To print first page first I un-tick this box. Maybe your Epson is the same?

  Sapins 18:32 27 Mar 2018

Wiganken2, the primer is used on an iMac, I have discovered that the printer driver does not load some aspects of the driver.

  Sapins 18:36 27 Mar 2018

FE, I have looked through the Manual and there is no mention of being able to alter the order of printing!

  Sapins 18:39 27 Mar 2018

Sorry should be the printer of course!

  wiganken2 19:11 27 Mar 2018

Hi Sapins. It seems you are right. When you look on the Epson support page (See here click here it is clear that the drivers are for Windows 8 only. I notice that your printer dates back to 2005 so not surprising that drivers do not support the iMac. Seems like your printer has done you good service and maybe a new printer is required if you really need or want to have better print control. Ensure it is suitable for Mac OS before buying.

  Sapins 21:10 27 Mar 2018

Hi wiganken2 I hadn’t been aware how long I have had the printer and I have quite a few cartridges for it. So, I’ll try to get a bit more life out of it. I have another printer which is ok for the Mac. I get round the problem by taking a preview ang printing that out when I need it.

Thank you and other responders for your help, much appreciated.

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