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Epson printer ink cartridges lasting five minutes!

  seahermit 18:59 07 Feb 2017

Well,maybe slightly longer .. a friend bought me a new inkjet printer last November, Epson Expression XP-432. I did online research and the printer is regarded as basic but fine for my needs at present, mainly B&W text prints, very occasionally a colour image. It seems to work well and produce prints of reasonable quality. But the ink costs are horrendous - almost £30 for a set of four XL Epson inks from PC World (printing won't work if any one of the cartridges is empty) and I am replacing all four cartridges every few weeks. Three weeks ago I bought a new set of four colours - all four have since had to be inserted into the printer as "replace cartridge" messages came up, even though I have only printed between 20 and 30 B&W text documents and done no colour-prints at all. PC World told me that the colours are to some extent used even for B&W prints, but clearly this level of cost is unmanageable - if I went to my local business printer's, 20 prints would cost me £1 or £2! I would be grateful for any advice on what I might be doing wrong

  bumpkin 19:20 10 Feb 2017

Apart from being better quality I have found that more expensive printers are more economical in the long term. Have you considered re-filling your cartridges, easy enough and much cheaper than even compatibles.

  seahermit 23:37 10 Feb 2017

Thanks again. The printer actually came out quite well in online reviews but next time definitely a good idea to search for something more economical to use. I resent all these retail rackets nowadays, the only way is to be smarter than they are! Refilling cartridges - yes, I'll look at that too if I still can't get the costs right down

  mole44 07:20 11 Feb 2017

I got this at the Christmas sale at pc world (Don't normally buy at sales) came to £119.00 with discounts and cash back from Epson.It doesnt use cartridges but the ink comes in 70Ml bottles at £9.99 a bottle ,it comes with the 4 full colour bottles.The usual applies buy a cheap printer and you'll get hit with expensive refills, any way this ids my printer click here

  seahermit 06:43 16 Feb 2017

Well .. following all the helpful advice above, I checked out the suggested alternative suppliers of ink cartridges. The first thing I noticed was that the Black cartridge is generally claimed to last for 470 A4 pages (the coloured inks for somewhat fewer pages). No doubt these claims are exaggerated, even so I got only a fraction of that number of prints from my Epson cartridges – probably not as many as 100 prints. That suggests to me that there might have been a connection or other problem with my printer, Secondly, the third-party suppliers do not actually seem to be a lot cheaper! At PC World I paid £27 last time round for a pack of 4 XL ink cartridges – Ink Factory and Stinkyinks are charging £22 and £25 respectively. Not a massive reduction, although obviously it all mounts up over time. However, the free delivery helps a bit too - saves time! I am seeing how it goes and how many copies I can chalk up before the printer gives up on me again.

  BT 08:50 16 Feb 2017

Secondly, the third-party suppliers do not actually seem to be a lot cheaper!

What you really need to check is the actual quantity of ink in the cartridges. The number of pages can only be a very rough estimate, what you need to compare is the volume in ml's this can vary quite a lot. Some of the cheaper suppliers only have around 6ml, while the better ones can be 15ml or more.

  seahermit 15:37 16 Feb 2017

I did actually look for the "capacities" of cartridges - that info was not clearly stated, only the number of prints highlighted - surely a reasonable rough guide for comparison purposes? After all, how many I end up getting for my bucks is pretty much my bottom line!

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