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Epson printer ink cartridges lasting five minutes!

  seahermit 18:59 07 Feb 2017

Well,maybe slightly longer .. a friend bought me a new inkjet printer last November, Epson Expression XP-432. I did online research and the printer is regarded as basic but fine for my needs at present, mainly B&W text prints, very occasionally a colour image. It seems to work well and produce prints of reasonable quality. But the ink costs are horrendous - almost £30 for a set of four XL Epson inks from PC World (printing won't work if any one of the cartridges is empty) and I am replacing all four cartridges every few weeks. Three weeks ago I bought a new set of four colours - all four have since had to be inserted into the printer as "replace cartridge" messages came up, even though I have only printed between 20 and 30 B&W text documents and done no colour-prints at all. PC World told me that the colours are to some extent used even for B&W prints, but clearly this level of cost is unmanageable - if I went to my local business printer's, 20 prints would cost me £1 or £2! I would be grateful for any advice on what I might be doing wrong

  Billy Chris 22:16 07 Feb 2017

Have you contacting Epson, or an Epson forum, regarding your "thirsty" printer?

  seahermit 22:49 07 Feb 2017

Thanks, no, not yet contacted Epson - I searched for some Epson forums , found a lot of people posting complaints that Epson were not very helpful! For now, I am keeping a precise log of all my printing so as to see exactly how many copies I get before the cartridges start giving up on me again.

  BT 08:23 08 Feb 2017

Are these genuine Epson Cartridges or Compatibles?

I use compatibles in my printer. Not the same printer as yours but an Epson printer non the less. They cost a fraction of the price for genuine cartridges and last for ages. Many compatibles actually contain more ink than originals.

Epson printers tend to run a cleaning cycle every time you switch it on which uses up a lot of ink. I never turn my printer off. It uses a negligible amount of electricity, rarely needs a head clean, and the inks last for ages.

  seahermit 02:02 09 Feb 2017

Thanks for that. I know little about other brands of cartridges, compatible with Epson, but will look around at what's available. And hope they are safe to use!

My printer "mumbles" briefly for a bit when switched on (presumably trying to find connections), then goes quiet - I am not sure that head-cleaning is actually taking place. It seems to work well in every other way but is vastly expensive to use.

  Billy Chris 08:22 09 Feb 2017

If you get the "chipped" cartridges, your printer should recognise them. This way, you can see on screen, when your inks are getting low. I use a firm called Stinkyink. I believe that they state, "If our cartridges cause any damage/problem with your printer, we will repair/replace it". Or words to that effect. PS. I use an Epson XP 235.

  BT 08:34 09 Feb 2017

The 'mumbling' when you switch on is not always head cleaning but often is.

There are many suppliers of Compatible Cartridges.

I've used these among others and never had any problems.


Cartridge Discount

  Burn-it 17:35 09 Feb 2017

They make their money from the ink NOT the printers.

  seahermit 17:37 10 Feb 2017

Thanks very much for the helpful info. I will check out these third-party cartridges. Epson of course give dire warnings about using non-standard cartridges - no doubt a lot of rubbish!

  BT 18:11 10 Feb 2017

Epson of course give dire warnings about using non-standard cartridges

My printer is 5 years old, and apart from the supplied originals, has always used compatibles with no problems.

  difarn 18:16 10 Feb 2017

I don't want to alarm you but the only time I had a problem with using compatible cartridges was with an Epson printer and it was a write-off. Heed the advice given by Billy Chris above.

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