Epson Printer Driver Problem Windows ME

  Marvo 13:51 13 Apr 2004

I had Windows ME reloaded on my machine recently and since then have been unable to get my Epson Stylus Colour 400 printer to work. I have the driver disk have installed it correctly everything appears Ok except when I try to print the spool manager window opens and status of all documents is queing? The PC and the printer talk as I can realign the print heads etc. I've tried reinstalling the driver numerous times and it makes no difference.

Any ideas?

  Old Shep 16:07 13 Apr 2004

I once had a problem with my Epson on ME and did what you have done to no avail. However I then sussed out (after I had pulled my hair out) that after you have uninstalled it if you go into windows explorer look in your hard drive (C) for a folder named EPUSBDRV or simular and delete it then your printer should work after you have reinstalled. For some reason this is not deleted when you uninstal. Hope this helps.

  Marvo 16:55 14 Apr 2004

Looked for that folder but I don't have it. The search goes on. You're dead right about tearing your hair out particularly as Epson Technical Support have taken 5 days to reply to an e-mail. Perhaps that tells me how much I don't want another one of their printers!

  bof:) 17:40 14 Apr 2004

Hi All,

have you tried deleting your printer driver via device manager, rebooting your PC and then reinstalling the printer driver when your PC says its detected new harware.


  Ironman556 17:40 14 Apr 2004

Have you tried downloading updated drivers from epson?

  IZZY 11:01 15 Apr 2004

Hi, Marvo....

I saw this thread yesterday evening but didn't have time to respond with a suggestion (duty called). I note that you haven't marked as resolved yet but if you've solved the problem, good and well.

If not, post back later today and I might have a suggestion for you which sorted out very much the same difficulty I had with a Stylus 600 - virtually the same printer as the 400.

Bit pressed for time at the moment however.



  Marvo 11:51 15 Apr 2004


Still have the problem. Have deleted printer driver via device manager. When I reboot the PC it doesn't detect there is any new hardware. As far as I know I'm using the only printer driver I could find as they one I downloaded from the Epson site seems to be identical to the one provided with the machine.

Any suggestions would be great as I'm having to stop myself from hurling the printer out of the window!!


  bof:) 12:19 15 Apr 2004

Hi Marvo, when you deleted the driver via device manager and rebooted your PC, I think you have to make sure you have disconnected your printer from the PC as well. (I think)

Then when you plug your printer back in it should say new hardware detected. Then put you printer driver cd in and let the PC search it for the drivers it requires.

have you also tried running a registery cleaner just to make sure that there is nothing in the registery causing your problem?

have you also tried the epson website for their FAQs about printer problems? If I remember they used to have a flowchart that you could follow through. If you didnt get the answer you nedded then there was an option to contact them.



  Marvo 12:24 15 Apr 2004


Did what you suggest but my PC still doesn't detect any new hardware. Thanks for idea of a registry cleaner can you recomend any as thats an area I've tried to stay well clear of.



PS Its now 6 days since I e-mailed Epson and still no reply.

  arricarry 13:16 15 Apr 2004

Hello - this is a parallel port printer is it? Do you share parallel with a Zip drive. If it is a parallel printer you will not get the EPUSBDRV file, as its for USB devices. All I can suggest is delete printer as previosly described, turn it off, unplug parallel, install drivers first then reconnect and turn on. Are your drivers on 2 floppy disks,? this may be part of the problem.

  Old Shep 14:06 15 Apr 2004

Yes ARRICARRY is correct I now have a usb printer but my problem was with an Epson 680 paralel port.Still look on your hard drive I am sure it started with ep should be there somewhere.

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