Epson printer Communication Error message

  Trikie 21:44 13 Sep 2003

Epson Photo 890 has been no problem til today.

Yesterday, with advice from the Forum Editor I changed the default opening of PDF files from Photoshop to Acrobat.

May be co-incidence but I now keep getting Communication Error message when printing - sometimes the printer runs despite this, other times it doesn't. Looking at Printers and Faxes I now have a second printer listed - Adobe PDFWriter.

All sugestions very welcome. Thanks.

  Trikie 21:22 18 Sep 2003

Thanks Jester2Kll. Whereabouts do I find the screen with the "new" printer and tick?

  Trikie 21:41 18 Sep 2003

Thanks. A snag - the menu when right clicking on the Epson printer does not include any reference to Default (The Adobe one does)

  Trikie 22:09 18 Sep 2003


Now when I get the Communication Error message Epson still prints but leaves the error message on screen until it's finished. Odd, but I think I'll learn to live with it.

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