Epson printer cart prob

  cable-ties 20:54 11 Nov 2003

I have an epson c62 and have just changed the black cartridge.When i tried to print, the pop-up appeared as usual but the ink level bars were greyed out.Colour cartridge is full as it was only changed a couple of weeks ago and only a small amount of colour printing done since.I have changed carts before and all was fine.Somebody help please as im close to chucking it out the window and buying a pen.

  Djohn 23:29 11 Nov 2003


  VoG II 23:31 11 Nov 2003

Re-install drivers?

  JIM 23:50 11 Nov 2003

Have you tried reinstalling the status monitor software to rectify problem?
Also check the intelligent chip on cartridge is seated properly (clean) and not damaged.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:57 11 Nov 2003

Epson Cart and using a brand of Compatible Cart/s insted.

Take out the cartride by instructing the printer through the software if available.

So now refit the Cart (Make sure you took of the protective tape strip!) then hopefully things should be ok. Also with the C62 printer you have to wait for the Cart to open up the print head and this takes about 5 mins to do. There is some instruction for this within the printers documentaion in software.

Its just a niggle that these C62 Carts are Chipped and its not recognising them.

  cable-ties 19:12 21 Nov 2003

thanks for responding. been away for a few days for a break. turns out my problem was the cable. im parralell connected and i suspect the cat has been playing and partly pulled the cable out. a quick push and all was sorted

thanks again folk

  Ernie-222070 14:05 30 Nov 2003

Regarding Epson ink problems.
A utility is available as a free download at: click here.
It is possible with this utility to control the 'indicated' ink level
for any individual colour , and to park the print head for easy individual 'top up'. The printer accepts this as a true reading! Many other features are availale.
hope this helps.
Ernie P

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