Epson printer that also prints DVDs

  Grandad99 21:12 30 Dec 2013

My current Epson R285 has expired. The only similar replacement I can find is the Stylus Photo P50 - are there any others that will print on DVDs?

  Nontek 22:39 30 Dec 2013

This is another one ...

but it has rather a large footprint.

  Daiol 22:42 30 Dec 2013

That's a good one

  buel 10:22 31 Dec 2013

Hi, Can I ask what you mean by 'expired'?

  Grandad99 12:43 31 Dec 2013

Thanks for alternative suggestion. Black and yellow are not being printed Nozzle check has only faint traces despite 5 runs of head cleaning.

  buel 23:23 31 Dec 2013

I can point you towards some fluid that works if you like?

  sharpamat 09:29 01 Jan 2014

I Went for the Epson Expression XP 750 a year ago. Its an excellent printer Follows on from the P50. It does print to CD easier than previous Epson's.if you need a fax the Epson Expression XP 800 covers it

I saved £100 when I got mine from Pixnania it arrived in two days, Its a smaller footprint than many Epson's Excellent now that compatibles are available ( As are CISS ) Very easy to install ( I use both USB and WiFi )

I find the paper cartridges fine, and far less mess when changing the ink cartridges which are a different style rhan the Old Square ones The CD/DVD tray is also easier to use.

  Grandad99 12:34 01 Jan 2014

Yes please Buel.

Sharpamat, the XP750 will be the one if the fluid doesn't do the trick. What compatible ink do you use?

  sharpamat 18:32 01 Jan 2014

When I got mine they were 200 plus now you can get one for £140 Most online sites that sell the printer also do the the inks

  buel 20:14 01 Jan 2014

Grandad99, I used this stuff: click here, it kept my R220 and R285 going for years more than they should have. You just put a few drops in the cartridge where the nozzle seems to be struggling(leave for a minute or two) and then run the nozzle check/maintenance checks. Wonderful stuff! Hope this helps.


  Grandad99 20:06 15 Jan 2014

Buel, I've just received the magic solution -delayed as it came from Germany.

I have only ever removed a cartridge from the R285 when replacing an empty one and for this there is the computer controlled sequence that brings the cartridge holder out so the lid can be lifted. Do you know how I can move the holder out so that I can treat the black and yellow cartridges?

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