epson printer

  gidster 19:49 22 Nov 2004

ive got a brand new epson C44UX printer but without the ink, is there any way of using cheaper ink from the start because im trying it and its asking for epson ink

  jack 19:54 22 Nov 2004

Unusual for a 'New' printer to come without a cartridge set.

however try click here
and click here
and click here
and click here

you will need a compatable cartridge/cartridge set

  john-232317 20:10 22 Nov 2004

Yeah ive seen it on some ads " dont forget your ink "

its a bit like buying a car with no wheels ;-))

I suppose the makers will say " well some people might want ordinary and some might want photo inks "

  Dorsai 20:35 22 Nov 2004

More like buying a car with no fuel. Totally useless.

Batteries not included.

But i can only assume the lack of ink is reflected in the price.

But if the printer is £40, and the Ink £40, why not buy a £80 printer, that might well be a better printer, that also has ink to start with?

  Pesala 21:55 22 Nov 2004

Epson printer drivers have the annoying habit of asking if you wish to use compatibles when it detects that the inserted cartridge is not an original one. As far as I know, there is no way to turn off this message. Don't worry about it.

The print quality is no different (though some compatible inks may not be so colour fast). If you don't do much printing, compatibles might (allegedly) be more likely to cause blocked printheads, but if you do a lot of printing, the money you save is soon more than the cost of a new printer.

  stalion 22:13 22 Nov 2004

A new printer with no ink cartridges,just another way of making us spend more money

  William-192536 22:19 22 Nov 2004

Iv'e been getting my ink from choice stationery for 4years and I have had know bother

  William-192536 22:19 22 Nov 2004

Iv'e been getting my ink from choice stationery for 4years and I have had know bother

  Buchan 35 22:29 22 Nov 2004

Mine is a C44UX and I`ve been using my old refilled cartridges for over a year, no problems, but I do a lot of printing. Some interesting answers, though. Mine arrived with cartridges when I bought it for £34. 95 in October last year.

  Giggle n' Bits 22:47 22 Nov 2004

just click on you want to ignore, ok except the cart you have fitted. Choice Stationary recommended for your Carts !

  gidster 20:30 23 Nov 2004

still got problems, ive just been out and brought the correct ink for 30 quid which im pissed off at and to top it all it still not have it im that close from smashing it up . it just not charge and after its tryed it just says it dosent reconize the ink at all even tho its the correct one and theres no overide button to just carry on or anything , any ideas besides putting it through the window, is there something im doing wrong.

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