Epson Print CD Software

  tonyjon 16:51 10 Jun 2006

Help... Epson Print CD downloads seem to completely disappeard, onyone got an image - please email me

  Diversion 16:59 10 Jun 2006

click here This is to download any drivers, I assume that's what you are wanting.

  tonyjon 17:59 10 Jun 2006

Drivers are always available, this software came on a CD with an Epason Photo R200 printer, CD damaged, the Print CD was at one time downloadable from several Epson worldwide sites, it seems to have completely disappeared now, Support will not even offer a CD to purchase!

  woodchip 18:24 10 Jun 2006

That's on account of the software is third party and should not be copied. It's not propriety Epson Software. It's obtained by Epson just as PCA does with software on the PCA Cover mount CD. It should not be copied.

  tonyjon 18:33 10 Jun 2006

The CD Label clearly states that it is EPSON Software, not a pretty interface but it worked to a fairly basic level - the downloads WERE available from Official Epson sites too, but a very long search does not show it anymore.

  woodchip 18:35 10 Jun 2006

What did the software do? and what other name was on it when it started up?

  1832bchs 20:32 10 Jun 2006

It can be downloaded from click here

It's the last item on the page.

  1832bchs 20:34 10 Jun 2006

Forgot to say that it is listed TWICE, but first is Russian version, the last one is the English version.

  tonyjon 22:36 10 Jun 2006

I knew it was there somewhere, many thanks

By the way woodchip, the license agreement on installation is to "The Seiko-Epson Corporation", not a third party.

  woodchip 22:44 10 Jun 2006

Yes but what I mean is Epson do not write Software. It will be licensed to them. That makes it third party. Like Scanning and Photo Editing software are from other venders, light versions

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