Epson Perfection 1690 scanner problem copying negatives

  Grandad99 18:05 26 Oct 2013

I'm scanning in a batch of 35mm colour negs and gave done 25 with no problem. The preview shows each of the strip of negs is in its own frame and I select which one(s) I want to scan in.

However the preview has suddenly changed to showing the complete strip in a very reduced size in one large frame. I had not changed any settings and despite switching off and disconnecting/reconnecting the integrated TPU connector the problem remains. Has anyone experienced this and sorted it?

  Pineman100 19:01 26 Oct 2013

I assume your neg scanner is managed via its own software running on the computer? If so, then I suggest that something has got changed in the settings/options. I can only suggest that you explore these to try and find an option that would switch it back - maybe called something like "Preview individual frames"... but I'm guessing.

  Grandad99 19:39 26 Oct 2013

It's a flatbed scanner with the option to scan in slides and negatives using the Epson Smart Panel Twain 5.

  Grandad99 18:52 27 Oct 2013

Found the answer - I had inadvertently loaded 2 strips of negatives into the holder.

However there has been another ongoing problem with some of the negatives losing about 10% of the top and bottom from the longways portion. The negatives line up with the separator marks on the carrier and at times parts of consecutive negs are missing.

  Woolwell 20:58 27 Oct 2013

I've had a similar problem with my Epson 1660 with slides losing top and bottom. Just occasionally this has happened. I have never discovered why. A reboot and rescan has usually cured it.

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