Epson Perfection 1260 negative scanning

  ray27 10:54 09 Oct 2003

I have an Epson 1260 perfection Scanner with the small negative/transparency adapter.

The scanner works ok using the flat bed but I am having problems trying to use the negative scanner.

I put the negative in the adapter and select media type as negative in Smart Panel.

The flat bed light turns off and the adapter comes on and starts scanning.

Every time I try it always seems to scan ok and then tells me it cannot find the document and to make sure there is a document on the bed.

I have tried using manual scanning but it still comes up with the same response.

As anyone got any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

Cheers Ray

  slimpickins 11:44 09 Oct 2003

Are you placing the neg holder in the right place? It has to be in the back (by the hinge) right corner.

  stlucia 12:22 09 Oct 2003

This is similar to a recent post relating to an Epson 1240 scanner click here

In manual mode it will either scan the whole area, or just the area you've manually selected -- but it won't try and detect if there's a document there and it won't give an error message saying there isn't a document. So, have you set all the options to manual?

  ray27 16:25 09 Oct 2003

I havnt got what you describe as a hinge
I have a normal type flatbed and a small device like a computer mouse but a bit larger.

This device has the same sort of light in it as the flatbed.
You insert the negative into a special holder and place the device over the top

When I select negative as the media and scan it goes through the motions of scanning , the flatbed goes off and the device comes on , I get a progress bar and when this finishes it says it is unable to find a document

It works fine in the ordinary way ie. documents and Photos its just the negative part that dosnt want to function

  ray27 18:49 09 Oct 2003

I had another look at what you said and realised that I should be putting the neg holder on the flatbed scanner which is what I wasnt doing

I did as you said and bingo everything is OK
Many thanks you have saved my life

I had volunteerd to compile a wedding album for a nephew and thought I was going to disapoint him .

Many thanks

  slimpickins 22:23 09 Oct 2003

Glad to help!

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