epson perfection 1260, 1660 any information?

  s-256399 11:16 03 Apr 2003

ive heard that some scanners can scan more than one photo at the same time and recognise that it is more than one photo and save them as individual files can the epson 1260 or 1660 do this i am thinking of buying one of these but would like to know this first

  Patr100 12:24 03 Apr 2003

The Epson 1250 that I have can only do one at a time.I would think the other Epsons in the range work in a similar way though others may be able to confirm.

  beeuuem 12:33 03 Apr 2003

The 1660 does 6 at a time, the 1260 only 1 at a time.
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  s-256399 13:58 03 Apr 2003

is that 6 individual pictures, documents or just35mm transparancies whatever they are and what is the difference between the built in 35mmx6 transparancie unit and the optional 5x4 film adfapter?

  Pesala 19:48 07 Apr 2003

Come on stnjc, if you are thinking of spending well over £100 on a high quality photo scanner, don't kid us you don't know what a transparency is. I think it is one of those transparent things they use on slide projectors. Ordinary scanners cannot scan them without a transparency adapter as they use reflected light.

The Epson 1660 apparently has an adapter than can hold six transparencies and scan them in one operation, thus saving time. Quite a bit of time I should think, but only if you intend to work mostly with transparencies. I have no idea what a 5 x 4 film adapter is.

As I think I said before in another thread on this if you lay several prints on the scan bed, scan them all in one operation, then any photo software can quickly crop the separate images and save them to different files.

It looks like the Epson Perfection Photo 1600 will do what you want and more. I don't think you will have any regrets if you go for a fast USB 2.0 scanner with 48-bit colour. If you opt to spend a bit less, you might have some regrets if you are serious about working with pictures.

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