Epson perfection 1200u scanner and XP

  John B 14:56 02 Aug 2003

I have tried to connect my scanner (epson perfection 1200u) to my new notebook which runs XP professional. The machine detects the hardware (usb connection)but tells me not to load the drivers from the original CD. The CD does not contain XP drivers since it's from about 1999. I have downloaded an XP driver from Epson's web site but I get an error message and the scanner does not respond. The device works fine with my desktop pc (running 98se).

Any advice would be much appreciated.



  John B 19:52 02 Aug 2003

thanks for the advice ams4127, I'm afraid I don't know how to remove all traces of the current drivers in XP; could someone tell me how please!

  John B 07:34 03 Aug 2003

Thanks for the help Djohn, I'll try that in a minute.

  John B 11:59 03 Aug 2003

Followed your instructions Djohn, but it still didn't work so before giving up I plugged the scanner into the other USB port (the notebook is a dell latitude) and away it went... it works! The 1st USB port seems to work because the notebook knew that new hardware had been connected,but it didn't install the Epson drivers; but thats another question for the future, thanks again.

  John B 12:44 03 Aug 2003

Thanks Paranoid Android, can I ask if you mean that the 1st port will never recognise the scanner now?

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