Epson P50

  1st spring 01:50 02 Dec 2010

How to print on a disk. Does anyone know of a Youtube video that will show me? Also when I print on paper to start with the printer makes such a clatter as if it was an old banger. Would anyone know why? Maybe there is something I haven't done in prepearing it to print, sounds as if it will break down any moment.

  gengiscant 09:33 02 Dec 2010

You cannot print directly onto CD/DVd with this would need to use something like this:click here
Doing it this way using this click here which comes with software I believe.

No doubt others will have suggestions.
As for the noise,more details please. I for one cannot hear or see your printer.

  northumbria61 10:32 02 Dec 2010

gengiscant - your info is spot on.

spring board - the only other way is with "Lightscribe" and a Printer with the facility to Print onto CD/DVD

  northumbria61 10:39 02 Dec 2010

You would also need "special" discs if you want to print "directly" onto CD/DVD - ordinary discs won't work.

  woodchip 10:44 02 Dec 2010

Noise is Printer Self Cleaning

  1st spring 11:10 02 Dec 2010

N you are wrong. The noise is like a clatter my other printer never made this noise. The printer is for direct printing onto a disk.

  Les28 11:17 02 Dec 2010

I've got an Epson P50 as a replacement for my old Epson R200 which I used to use to print to cd and dvd disks now and again.

Haven't used the P50 yet for printing to any disks, however as already mentioned you need a disk with a printable surface for inkjet printing, like these for example and then use the Epson Print cd software from Epson Software in All Programs list.

click here

click here

Tutorial wise if you click on Epson in the All Programs list you can access the P50 manual and if you click on How to Print you can select Printing on CD and DVD which should explain how to do it and also click on Paper and cd dvd handling to explain more.

I do find the P50 noisy at times myself compared to the R200, I had before.

  gengiscant 11:43 02 Dec 2010

My mistake you are correct,I should have read all the specs,you can indeed print directly on to disks. I would follow 'Less28's' advice.
I have been unable to find a video on how to do it, butI had the Epson R285 a while back and it seemed pretty easy to print onto disk.

  Les28 12:27 02 Dec 2010

If I remember right it's a two stage process, you set up the tray into the top slot as shown in this video with the blank cd in place in its separate tray and get the alignment arrows matching, then go to your epson print cd software from your all programs list where you decide what you want to print to the disk, then click print button from the print cd software page.

click here

but as I said the Epson P50 manual should explain all this

  Les28 12:43 02 Dec 2010

When I said blank cd in its tray I meant the cd or dvd that had already been "burnt" with whatever data you are putting on the disk,video, music etc, I didn't mean to print an "empty" cd or dvd first and then later put your data on, I just thought it might have read that way.

  gengiscant 12:46 02 Dec 2010

Ah reading 'Les28' description about the lining up of the arrows reminded me it was not quite as simple as it should be,if the arrows were not precisely matched it would not print,in fact thats why when I updated my printer I did not bother with a CD/DVD printer function and use the item of my second link.

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