Epson P2000 storage viewer update zip problem

  Cameraman 12:00 20 Apr 2005

I need to update my P2000 to support my camera in RAW I have downloaded the firmware 02.02.fron U.K. Epsons site and when IO try to unzip it only wants to change my computer wallpaper When I dpwnload from Epaons USA site the file is of the same name but is smaller but it will unzip with no problems.The question is is it safe to upgrade a U.K.unit with the USA version, and if so why the difference.I also have a problem after connecting the P2000 to a USB on Computer (It is a P4 using Windows XP) since using it sucessfully. when I boot now I get the message There is no disk in the drive which takes 4 cancels to get rid of it. I can turn it off by going to admin-tools comp-
man device man. and remder USB mass storage device but this stops all USB's and card reader operations > Hope someone can help--regards

  Yoda Knight 15:47 20 Apr 2005

Your best bet would be to contact Epson and ask them

  Cameraman 15:56 20 Apr 2005

I sent a request on Epsons Web Site 3/4 day's but have yet to receive a reply

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