Epson non original cartridges

  crazy printer 23:13 10 Jan 2006

I have an Epson CX3600. I have tried to use a non original ink cartridge. I get the message " Use Epson Original Cartridge ". I am a student.

Can anyone help please?

  Kev.Ifty 23:47 10 Jan 2006

Isn't the message warning you of Non Epson cartridges and asking if you "wish to continue"?

Click 'Yes' See what happens.

;-) Kev

  crazy printer 09:34 11 Jan 2006

Many thanks for your reply. The message is clear. It says " Use original Epson Cartridge ". There is no option to continue.
I think Epson have added a security lock to their printer memory chips. I may be wrong though.

I used Datawrite - father bought me 75 of these. I must add that, my father has the Epson R300 and with under £1 per cartridge and perfect results every time, he thought that, I would be happy to have a large stock.

Could there be a "fix" for the Epson software?

  crazy printer 22:55 13 Jan 2006

Dear Damn Machine,

I have ordered ONE Cartridge from the link you kindly supplied. I shall keep you posted.

The Ink World has offered a total refund or exchange so far.

I am talking to UKDVDR as I bought 40 of their brand.

Best regards.

  crazy printer 05:13 14 Jan 2006

Dear Damn Machine,

My CX3600 was bought for me last July. Do you think that, it is possible for Epson to change the driver software during this time?

Would it possible for you to give me the version number?

Best regards.

  crazy printer 02:49 16 Jan 2006

Dear Damn machine,

Looking at , the latest driver version that, they released for CX3600 was 5.2b, dated August 2004. The same as mine and yours(?).

UKDVDR, has offered to test one of my faulty ones, which I am going to post to them.

Ink World has offered a TOTAL refund.

As soon as I receive the one from print rite, I shall let you know.

I am in the middle of my exams.

Be in touch soon.

Many thanks.

  crazy printer 02:51 16 Jan 2006

Correction , 5.5d.

  crazy printer 02:56 16 Jan 2006

Dear jakimo,

Yes, good idea thanks. I must solve this mystery.

  crazy printer 10:28 20 Jan 2006

Still waiting to receive the Print rite cartridges.

This Machine is a jinx.

UKDVDR , have said:- While they can not test the ones that I have opened and tried,they want me to open and test the rest. I do not know what brand of Cigs THEY smoke.

They have not offered a refund as yet. It takes them 3 or 4 days to reply to an e mail.


  crazy printer 02:44 12 Feb 2006

Dear Damn Machine,

I got a set from the link that, you kindly supplied. They work FINE! The brand name is Spectrum. I know that my father's Canon is not as fussy.

I was taking my exams, and therefore, did not reply. Many thanks.

The next step is for my father to send the faulties back.He does not know that, I have mixed them all up!

Thanks everyone. Mystery not solved yet,but at least I have a cheaper source.

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