epson laser printer smells like burning when print

  skaria 20:12 13 Jan 2005

hi guys, i recently bought an epson aculase c900, and everytime i now print, it smellsi like something is buring. Doyou guys have any idea why. I recently replaced the black toner. thanks in advance!!!!!!!!! Skaria

  pb457 20:22 13 Jan 2005

I learnt about how photocopiers work in physics and i think laser printer work in the same way. It works because of static electricity. Negative charges are placed onto the paper in all the relevant places, so for example if you had a big X on your page it would but lots of positive electrons on the paper the paper would then go to the toner where it blasts black powder on to the sheet of paper, this powder is naturally negatively charged so it sticks to the paper in the correct places. The paper then goes to the heater where it gets heated to make sure the powder or ink is burnt on, this is why paper is warm when it comes out, this could be you problem. I think it could be that some powder has stuck on the heating element.
Hope this helps

  pb457 20:22 13 Jan 2005

sorry the toner powder is negative and the charges are positive

  skaria 20:23 13 Jan 2005

thanks a lot for that. youll be a good pohyician one day!!! lol. does anybody know how i can clear "the powder" stuck on. thanks skaria

  skaria 18:26 16 Jan 2005

thankspb5457, but it was the paper. i put in some laser paper and now itrs fine. thanks

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