epson inkjet printer owners

  a member 18:09 19 Oct 2003

a really good utility for ink management.
works with most epson printers (check list).click here
I have tried it ,it will save any epson owner a lot of ink.

  holly polly 18:24 19 Oct 2003

many thanks use a c82 so will give it a go -regards-hol pol...

  [email protected]#36 18:34 19 Oct 2003

Any clues on how to operate this software?. I've just downloaded it but all it does is show graphics if how much ink is in the cartridges. No obvious ways of reseting counters etc.


  STEVE71163 18:58 19 Oct 2003

Will it work on a c84?

  a member 20:04 19 Oct 2003

[email protected]#36 just left click the icon next to your clock , all the settings are there on a drop down list

  a member 20:10 19 Oct 2003

er... thats right click.
you can store any new counter settings or return to default anytime.
also you can clean any of the ink nozzles seperately, lots of cleaning and setup options.
Epsons own utility allways cleans all nozzles wether they need it or not, this utility should save quite a bit of ink.

  woodchip 20:29 19 Oct 2003

Thank's for that I will see how it goes

  a member 21:48 19 Oct 2003

just checked out the site again, there is a large list of supported printers, but if your machine is not on the list it may still work ok. but hasn,t been tested so far, there are some printers that won,t have the (reset counters option) but all other functions work ok .

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