epson inkjet - erratic printing

  Limariami 10:29 18 May 2004

Hi all. Can anyone help me. I have had no probems with my C62 printer until last week ( in fact I am very happy with it but this current problem is driving me mad).

It started last week when while printing it seemed to leave out one colour ink. This seemed bizarre because if i rememer correectly, if one of the non-black inks is out, you cannot proceed since the printer behaves as if all the non-black inks are out.

I replaced the colour cartridge.

Now it still does not print properly - the right number of pages feeds thorugh but no ink appears on the page at all OR it is very faint black

The weird thing is that I have used the clean utlity and each time I print a test page only one of the blocks appears (so once it was the magenta block only, the other time it was the cyan block only)

any ideas? time to replace my printer?


  canard 11:03 18 May 2004

Sounds like a software scramble. An uninstall and reinstall just might fix it.

  pandels 11:31 18 May 2004

My friend had a similar problem just a couple of weeks ago. he started having problems when the company he uses for his compatable cartridges changed brands. up to that point he had no problems.

he ended up buying two cleaning cartridges and after half a forests worth of paper finaly managed to print properly again. it was the ink from the other cartridges that had blocked the print heads.

hope this helps


  Limariami 11:42 18 May 2004

Thanks Paul forthe response. I had considered that it might be a blockage but it seems unlikely because the different colours print on the test pages (even if not all at once)

  SANTOS7 11:44 18 May 2004

have you tried updating the drivers

  mbp 12:00 18 May 2004

Pandels, yes some compatibles could be responsible for cloggin up printheads, especially if the printer is not used often so the ink is lying there evaporating.
Limiarami, you should perhaps try the head cleaning process for 4 or 5 times and hopfully the clogged printer nozzles will clear. Even more times before resorting to Pandel's method, ie using cleaning cartridges and a forest of printing paper. After that avoid the source of ink supplier that caused the problem unless the computer had not been in use for months and the inks dried out naturally. There must be a way of keeping print heads fresh even after long disuse. Even the proprietory ink suppliers specify a self life, once the ink cartridge has been opened.

  bloo meeny 13:47 18 May 2004

check your email

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