Epson inkjet doesn't go the cart.change position

  jack 10:33 27 May 2010

One of my flock has telephoned to say the above.
It is a R200 machine
I advised him to try with SSC, and to come back with what happens.
I have also a Stylus C48 - passed to me as 'scrap'[Showing the 'Needs Service' bleat] this too does not go to the change position-.
Is this part of the general' service/change me situation?
If so can it be rectified?
Going back to the R200 instance- the Service warning had NOT shown so far.

  gengiscant 14:18 27 May 2010

For your C48 you need this excellent bit of software: click here

For the R200 I have found a couple of possible solutions.
1: you can unplug your printer quickly after you turn it on when the cartridges move, then you can manualy move into position. Not sure how good for your printer this is, but it works, seemingly.

2:Turn the printer off. Then, while holding down the Ink button, I also pressed and held the On button- and kept holding them. Somewhere in documentation I read that this would kick off some process, but I didn't remember what. It didn't turn on right away, but after 4 or 5 seconds of holding the buttons down, started up, went through some motions, and lo and behold, it landed on the spot showing me my cyan cartridge was out. Pressed it again, and it went to the cartridge change position.

  jack 20:05 27 May 2010

Read my post -Line 3 - SSC has been advised- as of yet no come back

Yes pulling power as the cart carrier cruises past is one way of forecing the issue - done it many times.
The question remains- Why wont they do it 'Norlmally'?

  ashdav 00:00 28 May 2010

You need to reset the print counter click here

  jack 11:09 28 May 2010

Did not say how/what/why however
So that I shall ave to discover another day
when we meet up -if he can tell me
So often folk with 'problems' resolved them and cannot relate how it came about.
ho Hum

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