Epson Ink Monitor problem.

  geedad 15:22 17 Sep 2008

I posted this query a couple of days ago, and I have been in touch with Epson, who state that it is the fault of the compatible JetTec cartridges, and not their software ( Epson Ink Status Monitor).

"I have an Epson R300 Stylus PHOTO printer.
Although I have installed new cartridges, the monitor shows that some of the six carts are very low.
I use a reliable compatible cartridge called JetTec, and have done so for a long time.
The Epson normally shows a red blinking light, which indicates a low quantity of ink left, but will show me that I can still print X number of pages before the necessity of replacement.However, it's now asking me to replace straight away.
has anyone experienced this problem ( preferably with the same printer model)?"

I would like to hear from anyone who has had a problem with ink monitoring of JetTec cartridges.
I pay £19.99 for a pack of six, where the Epson originals are nearly £60!
I have always had very good and reliable results with the JetTec cartridges, now Epson are stating it is these that are causing the problem.


  Arnie 15:41 17 Sep 2008

I use Choice Stationery Think compatible cartridges in my HP Photosmart D5160 printer.

The ink levels do not show. This is because many manufacturers relay the cart information to electronic readers within the printer. They know which are the ‘rogue’ ones.

There are some websites which show information about how to overcome this problem, often covering up some of the contacts in a special manner. Some research is necessary here.

I don’t worry about the lack of cart info. At the price I pay and the extra ink most compatibles provide, I can live with the problem.

  eedcam 15:48 17 Sep 2008

You might want to check this out .It will come in handy when the service light comes on and it has its own ink monitors
click here

  Condom 16:22 17 Sep 2008

I'm sorry I can't help you with your present problem but perhaps this will help for the future. For circa £25 you can purchase on line a CISS (continuous ink supply system) for an Epson which will come complete with a new cart with 6 tanks as well as enough ink for months of printing. You neeed never buy another cartridge again and get rid of all this compatability for ever. I've used my CISS for 18 months now on my R265 Photo and never had a single problem despite printing dozens of A4 photos.

  geedad 21:09 17 Sep 2008

Many thanks for your suggestion for a continuous ink supply system. It seems that it might be the answer. However, I would like to know how it would connect to my R300. Is the system connected by flexible tubes that move with the print head as it prints?
I rely on the R300 to print directly to DVDs, and there should be no obstruction at the rear of the printer, otherwise the DVD will not be printed. Will it be clear?
I have looked at a website for the CISS, and at the moment the price I saw was £36.99, to include 100ml. of each colour ink. Is that a fair price based on your experience?
Finally, as a last word from Epson customer Service, they tell me that it is definitely a cartridge problem that I have and nothing to do with the Ink Monitor software - and , of course, I should buy their own brand of ink carts - nearly £60 for 6 carts!
If I buy the CCIS, I presume that my Epson R300 Ink Monitor would show a full cartridge all of the time, since the supply would be continuous.
Sorry to ply you with so many questions, but I feel that I am nearing a solution now and thanks for your help.

  geedad 21:22 17 Sep 2008

Arnie and eedcam.
Thanks for your responses.

  Totally-braindead 22:10 17 Sep 2008

Not a solution I know but I have 2 Epsons, a 680 and a 3800 all in one. The Epson monitor works with both perfectly but I use Choice cartridges. I think the only way you could get to the bottom of this is to replace the JetTec carts with another make of compatible when they run out. What it could be, and this is only a suggestion, is a bad batch of JetTec carts, perhaps they are not completely filled.

As I said I think the only way you would be able to confirm this is to replace the carts - when they run out of course as theres no point in wasting them.

  Condom 01:50 18 Sep 2008

There are one or two different systems around so if you are going down this road make sure you get one for your particular printer and not another model as the carts are chipped accordingly. £36 seems a little high to me so look at a few sites but even at that price it is cheaper than cartridges. Most systems come with a full 6 cartridge cart together with 6 filled reserve tanks each with around 100ml in them. Replacement bottles of ink can be purchased for about £4 for 100ml of each colour or for about £6 for 250ml bottles and will last you years. It is a simple task to refill the reserve tanks and I have only needed to do this once in over 12 months of use. I print many A4 sized photographs and the quality is outstanding. My R265 also prints direct to disks and again the quality is great. Setting up the system is very easy as it comes with complete instructions and I place my reserve tanks at the back of the printer. You can place them at the side if you so wish as the tubes are quite long. The tubes do not get in the way. It is only important that the reserve tanks be placed at the same level as the printer. With regard to the Epson software, mine still shows the 6 tanks and sometimes you can see them going down and at other times they appear full. Sometimes they appear to refresh each time you start the printer and at other times only every few days. I presume it is sorted out by the chip in the new cart. The important thing is that you can easily see how your reserve tanks are doing and fill them only when you think necessary. At any time you can switch easily back to normal Epson cartridges if you so wish as the system does not permanently change anything. Just make sure you get a set made for your printer.

  BT 07:57 18 Sep 2008

I use compatibles from Choice on my Epson d92 and they work fine and show up on the Status monitor.
I did have a problem with the Status monitor not even showing but I think this was a Computer fault rather than the Epson software as it seems to have been solved after a re-format.
I did use the software from
click here
and although it doesn't yet support the D92 if you select 'unsupported printer' it still shows the ink levels as percentages but doesn't support some of the other functions

  jack 08:24 18 Sep 2008

I have an R300 and a R 200
The Ink supply system fits either and the inks print perfectly onto printable disks and all sorts of paper media
There are many on offer from the E-Sellers and on E-bay
but from what I can see it all boils down to only a few systems branded in many different ways
I recall paying approx £30 or so for mine- and I am still on the original ink set 2 years on

  GillT 09:54 18 Sep 2008

Had R265 with ciss which worked great till we went on holiday. Despite numerous cleanings of printer nozzles the black would not print.
Contacted epson who advised buying new printer which I did. A reconditioned r265 so that i could still use ciss.
New printer won't recognise the cartridges. I gather date of manufacture is an issue and I don't know when this was
Any ideas??

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