Epson Filmscan 200 - software problem

  Michael-193993 09:14 08 Oct 2004

In order to get my Filmscan working again I have reinstalled WIN 98SE as a dual booting system that also has XP Pro.

All the WIN 98SE software EXCEPT the Filmscan is working properly.

WIN 98SE finds the Filmscan and the TWAIN software appears to load - but it comes up with error messages.
The Filmscan is connected via an Adaptec AVA-2904 PCI to Fast SCSI Host Adapter and appears to be working properly.

Does anyone out there have any ideas as to what the problem might be?
All advice gratefully received, MIKAL

  Diemmess 10:57 08 Oct 2004

Have had difficulties in the past with an Epson SCSI (flatbed) and Win98SE

Ignoring XP since this is 98 you are using for the Filmscan - What is showing in Device Manager, any yellow ! or ?

I think it might help to uninstall the Epson software. Have the scanner connected and On throughout the rest of this. Then "remove" anything showing yellow in Device Manager. Reboot and go through the "found-new-hardware" routine prompt by prompt (but not actually offering the Epson CD) until Windows gives up looking and says it can't find the software.

Now at last run the Install CD and accept SCSI as the one to use. At the end of the installation reboot and pray. I believe you can then on using Acquire in the application, select Epson Twain or Twain32 and you're in business.... I hope.

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