Epson Expression XP-750 Printer Waste Pad Full

  Peter~24 20:57 06 Nov 2016

Hello all, some help if you can please.

When trying to print on my Epson Expression Photo XP-750 printer recently I received the following error message :-

A printer's ink pad is nearing the end of its service life. Please contact Epson Support.

This is not really an economic solution as it will probably cost more to "fix" the ink pad and clear the error message than to replace the printer and I have quite a good supply of replacement cartridges that I don't want to waste.

I've tried the SSC Service Utility, but I could not find this printer on its list. I've also tried Mark Kneen's Epson PX700W Reset Program (Yes I know it's the wrong printer), but the virtual USB printer port isn't recognised.

The Epson website offers a ink pad full reset programme, but it can only be used once and I think I would like to use the printer a bit longer than one reset would allow.

Any suggestions so that I can use up my cartridge stock, before I have to replace my printer, would be appreciated.


  Peter~24 19:18 10 Nov 2016

I've just come back to add the Green Tick to lotvic's advice and add a little more information.

The reset programme "Adjprog.exe", from lotvic's link, is the same or very similar to the Mark Kneen version, but the printer database is better/more recent. It had my printer on its list. Also the "Ativador.exe" programme provided in Lotvic's link allows access to more feature to reset in the printer, one of which covered the ink pad counter reset.

Thanks again to lotvic, Sapins & Burn-It for your input.

Peter (Not ~24).

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