Epson Event Manager error (missing driver)

  nedsram2000 21:00 21 Jan 2010

I recently bought an Epson SX510W. It works fine. However there is an icon for the Epson Event Manager in the taskbar, and when I right click to open it I just get the message "Cannot find scanner driver. Install the driver before using event manager." Any suggestions please?

  Technotiger 21:34 21 Jan 2010

If you have the original Software disc you could re-install it.

Or go to the Epson website and download the driver from there.

  nedsram2000 18:47 22 Jan 2010

I have now installed the latest Epson Scan driver from the manufacturer's site. Unfortunately this did not fix the problem.

  Technotiger 18:53 22 Jan 2010

So now try re-installing Epson Event Manager itself.

  nedsram2000 20:04 22 Jan 2010

Tried that as well. Latest version from Epson (more recent than the one I was "using"). Getting nowhere fast. Vista 64 bit by the way. Not sure if that is part of the problem. Part of the reason for getting this combo was because Epson refused to provide a 64 bit driver for my old scanner.

  Technotiger 21:20 22 Jan 2010

Hmm, yes I guess 64bit could well be the problem - have you tried asking Epson?

The problem could also be any of your previous scanners software still on the computer - I suggest you use the Free click here to uninstall all the old Epson software.

During the un-install process you may be asked if you want to re-start your computer, DO NOT re-start at this point, let Revo continue. You will eventually get the option to Select All and to Delete - DO SO. You may be given the same options a second time, again DO SO, do not be picky, just accept all that Revo chooses.
After clicking on Finish, re-start your computer.

  nedsram2000 22:15 22 Jan 2010

Thanks for that. I do have some abortive attempts at getting 64 bit drivers to work for the old scanner, none of which succeeded. I'll get back to you.

  Technotiger 22:27 22 Jan 2010

OK, uninstall ALL the old scanner software.

  woodchip 22:38 22 Jan 2010

try going to Control Panel Camera Scanner\Add Scanner
Is there a Imaging Program in Windows Add Remove Windows Components? if so Add Imaging

  nedsram2000 16:38 25 Jan 2010

I've tried everything I can think of including the suggestions here, and some others on an MSDN forum, and am unable to resolve this issue. However as the scanner does actually work I guess I don't need to worry about it too much.

  nedsram2000 19:13 27 Jan 2010

Some time ago I tried a suggestion for a driver that would work with my old Epson Perfection 1240 scanner - the one that had no Epson driver for my new 64 bit PC. It didn't. However Vista was clearly aware of the existence of this driver, as whenever I connected the scanner I got a "bum bum bum" sound, which presumably meant "the driver I've found for this device is no good". I have now found the following folder that was created by the installer. However I can't delete it as I get access denied. Can somebody tell me how to remove all traces of this driver please? Maybe that will solve the problem.


Many thanks.


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