Epson eating black ink

  Covergirl 18:18 30 Jun 2010

I've got a friend with an Epson Stylus S21 and it seems to be guzzling black ink at the rate of 4 pages of text to the cartridge (mainly Tesco order confirmations so nothing particularly intensive).

It also appears to be identifying the *Genuine* ink cartridges as non-genuine.

Anybody else experienced problems with this particular model, or in fact any of these symptoms on any other model?

Any ideas please?

If not, it's going back to the high street multiple pronto.

  jack 19:41 30 Jun 2010

for volume of the contents
It may be she is re purchasing the 'light' cartridge.
There is another S21 problem going the rounds
click here
Similar consumption issues.

If it is a recent purchase and a refund is feasible- try another model/brand of printer

  northumbria61 20:16 30 Jun 2010

Still under Warranty ? Take it back.

  Covergirl 22:26 30 Jun 2010

. . . so I reckon it's going back. Now I need to find a replacement - small footprint, nothing fancy and cheap consumables are my primary objectives. For an old lady and it will get minimal usage printing off internet orders.
Thanks - marked resolved.

  jack 07:44 01 Jul 2010

If a machine is used but seldom- and is left switched off a lot of the time.
Then at every switch on- it will do a cleaning mode.
More ink goes down the pipe to the waste tank than gets to a page.
Remedy - leave it switched on.

  BT 08:20 01 Jul 2010

That's what I do with mine - leave it switched on.

I have a D92 which was the predecessor of the S20 and fitted a CISS which cost me £18.99, about the cost of a set of compatible cartridges,and came with about 80ml of each colour ink. Been using it for about 6 months now and the level of inks has hardly moved.

  jack 10:53 01 Jul 2010

which is what I did with my R300 and R200
Same CISS- switched between the two
Add to that an external waste collector- home made got the file if you need it- and the waste tank does not fill and you simply reset the counter via that Russian utility we all know about - We do don't we?

  BT 16:35 01 Jul 2010

OK if your printer is one of the supported ones, otherwise you have to use the Unsupported Model option which doesn't give you all the options.

  jack 17:18 01 Jul 2010

As it happens all Epson machines have a 'Mabual reset option- just finding out how is the trick/
On the R series 300/200 and others see below
27 Apr 2008
Support Center » Knowledgebase » Epson R200, R210, R300, R310 Waste Counter Reset

Epson R200, R210, R300, R310 Waste Counter Reset
Here is how to reset the waste counter for the Epson R200, R210, R300 and R310 printers.

1. Press and hold "Stop", "Maintenance", and "Power" buttons for about 10 seconds. A message will come on the screen saying counter is reset and to turn the printer off. The R200 and others don't have a screen so just wait until the 10 seconds is up.

2. Turn the printer off, unplug the power cord. Wait about 1 minute and power the printer back up. The counter will be reset. That's all there is to the reset procedure.

Is the waste pad full ?

If the waste pad is actually full and ink is about to overflow, then you need to install a waste container. You can see the waste pad by opening the access panel on the back of the printer.

Changing the waste pad requires almost complete disassembly of the printer, it is a big job. There is an easier way.

Open the access panel on the rear of the printer (remove screw) and look inside carefullly with a flashlight. You will see a tube (down and to your left) coming from the cleaning pump and it will have an open end on it. This is the tube that delivers ink to the waste pad.

Use a piece of coathanger wire or equivalent, and fish out this piece of tube. Bring it to the outside of the printer, thru the access panel.

Find yourself a suitable container (Tupperware or a plastic cup or jar) that is not too tall. Put the tube into this container and secure the tube and container so they won't come apart or lose connection if the printer is moved.

If you wish you can make a hole or notch in the access panel cover so it can be replaced.

Now the ink will go into this container and not into the waste pad inside the printer. If it gets full, dump it.

Note: This information and a couple of photos are also available on Steve's Digicam Forum (click here). Goto Printers-Photo Inkjet-Epson R200-210 & R300-310 Mod

  Covergirl 12:14 02 Jul 2010

I've quizzed her about when it gets switched on and she says just when she needs to print an order about every couple of weeks. This is the third cartridge since new at "the C* word". Obviously the included cartridges may have been only half fill, but the 2nd purchased in early Feb was standard Argos catalogue which I ended up taking back due to it only printing (again) about 4 pages. This is the replacement from Argos, and again it has failed within about a month of installation.

Appreciate all the discussion and advice on CISS but they shouldn't really be necessary for the usage required. And they're certainly not suitable for this installation.

Back to the stores for a refund and a looksee what else fits the bill i.e. small footprint, cheap to run, printer only (not MFD).


  jack 12:32 02 Jul 2010

but any 'saving soon gets wiped out as the supplies
bill mounts up.
So change direction

lookat a mono laset for £70 or so
from say
click here

A Google will reveal many more sources

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