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Epson Easy Photo Print can't reinstall

  Roadgiant 12:21 31 Dec 2016

I had a problem with Epson Easy Photo Print and had to uninstall it which I finally managed to do using Revo Uninstaller Pro (originally when I tried to uninstall it using uninstall from windows it wouldn't uninstall)

I now wish to reinstall the program,but when I try I get the message :-

The same version of Epson Easy Photo Print is already installed. Installation cancelled

I can't find any trace of it on the PC even though I have other Epson programs installed

I have already removed the 2 registry keys under Under HKEYLOCALMACHINE & HKEYCURRENT USER with the name Easy Photo Print 2

The program doesn't appear to be on the computer, any suggestions woulkd be appreciated thanks RG

  Gordon Freeman 12:33 31 Dec 2016

Try running ccleaner (free) to clear out any unwanted traces of the program in the registry then retry the printer install.

  Roadgiant 12:54 31 Dec 2016

Thanks for the suggestion but that was one of the first things I did

  Roadgiant 13:02 31 Dec 2016

Printer is installed and working fine, it's Epson Easy Photo Print that is the problem

  alanrwood 16:16 31 Dec 2016

Try IOBit Uninstaller Free. Watch out during the install for added programs ticked to install.

  Roadgiant 17:38 31 Dec 2016

Unfortunately doesn't find anything else, same as CCleaner, alternative I suppose is find another photo printing program.

  alanrwood 11:10 01 Jan 2017

I would do a more thorough search of the registry. Search for anything with the word epson in it. Just be careful to check that you don't delete any that apply to your Epson Printer. Had this type of problem myself a few times over the years and it is a tediuos task but usually works. Use the regedit search function. Your finger will get tired of pressing F4 but it should sort bit out

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