Epson DuraBrite Ink

  Gary Wood 20:30 03 Mar 2007

I am considering buying an Epson printer which uses DuraBrite ink. Does anyone who has such a printer know whether compatible inks give the same sharp results DuraBrite offers, or are they dye rather than pigment based?

Thanks in advance,


  spuds 20:38 03 Mar 2007

I have an Epson Stylus C86 which uses DuraBrite ink. When replacements were required after the initial use, I commenced using compatibles. Didn't notice a great deal of difference.

  Gary Wood 20:43 03 Mar 2007


Thanks for your reply. What brand of compatibles are you using?

I currently have a Stylus Photo 1290S which I use for photos, but it's print quality on plain paper is not great.

I know that DuraBrite is supposed to be better and gives sharper results (i.e. no spidery edged text), and from what I've seen, that seems to be the case.

But, I'm concerned that if I get compatible ink instead of genuine DuraBrite, I may not see these advantages. Do you think the results are equally sharp as the DuraBrite produced?


  spuds 12:11 04 Mar 2007

I buy compatibles from a number of well known suppliers like SVP,IJT,7dayshop (supplier depending on price), and I find the results are very similar, for standard printing and standard photo print-outs, that cover my needs.

If you are referring to plain paper as standard printer paper, then there will always be a 'poorer' image with photographic work, whatever you use. To obtain higher quality photographic work, then the only solution would be to use the correct gloss or matt photographic paper, with perhaps a 'photo' type print cartridge. I would suggest that you try a few experiments with a compatible cartridge and perhaps correct photo paper, and see if that meets your needs.

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