epson dropping a colour line while printing help!

  josie mayhem 13:48 24 Sep 2005

when I try to print anything from my epson stylus photo 900, I get a magneta horizontal line which is evenly spaced throught the document.

I've tried nozzel cleaning, helped a little bit but came back as bad as before.

I've tried realinement, but to no avail.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling software and up-dating drivers.

I've taken the cartridge out (colour one) and found that one of the magnenta section was swamped with ink, so cleared this with a pit of asorbment paper (toilet roll) and cleaned inside the casement bit. and made no difference.

At this point I'm not sure weather this is a issue with the inkjet head and it's kackered or weather it's just a carridge problem?

I ponder this because it started signs of the magneta line at the end of my last cartridge, and I changed to this one. Which has sat on my desk for a little bit, because I made a mistake of taking it out and replacing it when it was 1/3 full, but it did seem to work o.k at first.

any suggestions or is my printer knackered?

  josie mayhem 14:28 24 Sep 2005

Still no joy, I'm half way through work that needs to be printed (without the lines)monday being my dead line

And really need to know weather I have to leg it out and get a new printer

  MAJ 14:47 24 Sep 2005

I hope it's not the printer itself that's at fault, josie mayhem, but you have done just about everything I can think of to fix the problem. Epsons have the printer head on the printer rather than on the cartridge (like HPs for example), I'm assuming your model is the same. Have you tried to clean the contacts on the cartridge and on the printer itself? Short of trying another cartridge, it's the only other idea, other than those you have tried, that I can come up with.

What about borrowing a printer from a friend at least to get your assignment in on time, that'll give you a little longer to suss out this problem.

  spuds 14:51 24 Sep 2005

josie mayhem--You could check click here I found this in their forum click here possibly not the answer but may give you an idea about Epson printers.

  wky 15:03 24 Sep 2005

I have had a similar problem with my lexmark z22, It appeared that there was a long hair curled around the printing nozzle thing and this dragged along the paper. So I removed it and the printing was fine. Try looking for hairs, they could be missed fairly easily.

  josie mayhem 18:10 24 Sep 2005

Took myself of (and hubby and his credit card)this afternoon.

Sadly to pcworld, nearest computer shop for me. Took some of my print outs with me, so that I could show what I was talking about. Seen one of the tec lads. Who asked what actions I had taken. Agreed that I had done everything I could to get it going, and by the lining it looked very much like the magneta print head was damaged.

He did tell me that we have a epson repair centre near us, and they could look at and repair it for me.

But have decided not ot go down that route as I'm sure that it would cost almost has much as buying a new printer, so that's what I've done.

Brought another epson a photo r200 (not from pcworld, didn't have it in stock, and found it cheaper elsewhere)

Mind you I will phone the epson place just to get a quote on monday, but I'm sure that I've made the right dission.

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