epson d92 rejects ink cartridge - help

  [DELETED] 12:44 06 Sep 2008

Hi, My printer is a epson stylus d92, I have replaced all 4 colours with non originals in the past with no problems, but this time I am having this problem, when I put the non original replacement black ink in, a sign comes up 'ink unknown use orginal ink' (or something like that) the button on the printer that goes red when you need to replace a cartridge is also staying on, I am unable to use the printer. If anybody could help I would appreciate it.

  Sapins 12:51 06 Sep 2008

It is not unusual for this to happen, I have had it happen a few times

Re-install the cartridges until the printer accepts them.

  [DELETED] 13:12 06 Sep 2008

I have done this a few times but it is still the same!!

  conrail 14:45 06 Sep 2008

there was an option to rest the counters using SSC. click here try that, it may solve the problem

  conrail 14:45 06 Sep 2008

sorry, that should be reset the counters, I must get a keyboard that can spell!

  Sapins 16:06 06 Sep 2008

Try switching off the printer at the mains, then back on. Look to see if there any items in the queue, if so clear them. Failing this check with the cartridge maker/supplier, you could just have a faulty cartridge/s

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