Epson D92 Printer problem

  Duncanf 14:44 24 May 2011

My trusted D92 has been giving me warning words recently regarding 'parts nearing end of life!' It now has stopped functioning with both the green start switch light and the amber printer light flashing horizontally, and a sign appeared saying they had now reached the end of their life! Is there anything I can do to ressurect my printer because it's been a great asset?

  rdave13 16:04 24 May 2011

Haven't used this yet but have a look here.

  Duncanf 16:16 24 May 2011

Thanks rdave13. I've just been looking at that on a google search page! Will have a browse and see if I understand it (between babysitting)

  wee eddie 16:42 24 May 2011

Give this a try Fix your own Printer

  BT 16:55 24 May 2011


Unfortunately the D92 isn't a supported printer in SSC so the Protection Counter option is greyed out. I know as I have one and the only available things available are the Ink Status and Head Cleaning options.

  Duncanf 22:48 24 May 2011

Thanks BT.....I noticed that it wasn't letting me choose 'Protection Counter' and thought I was missing something. Thanks too to wee eddie and I tried the 'Fix your own printer' earlier as well and got a few ideas but made no clear progress. Thanks again, though to all three.

  rdave13 16:32 25 May 2011

This is worth a try,

To reset the Internal Waste Ink Pad Counter Turn off the power. Turn it on again whilst holding down both the paper & ink buttons. When the paper light starts flashing, immediately release both buttons and then hold down the ink button for at least 10 seconds.

The printer should self-check and work normally again.

I'm assuming the 'paper' button is the on/off/maintenance button. From; here

  Duncanf 10:12 27 May 2011

Thanks again to rdave13 and all who suggested methods. I bit the bullet yesterday and got a new printer that used the same cartridges! My D92 served me well for its original price and was great value. Thank you all again.

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