Epson CX3600 v HP PSC1215 Printers

  spuds 11:42 11 Jul 2005

At present I use Lexmark X5150 and HP OfficeJet 590 All-in-One printers. Both are good solid and reliable printers, and are serving their purpose well.But I am in the market for another All-in-One, and my selection is down [so far] to two more modern units Epson CX3600 and the HP PSC1215.

My main concern is print cartridge replacement prices, and so far Epson come in as a winner for special offer compatible packs.Checking various reviews, I find that the Epson use a Micro Piezo 4 colour DURABrite pigment ink system, and I was wondering how this system works, and how would it compare with compatibles from somewhere like ChoiceStationary.

The second point would be actual recommendations, and I was wondering if anyone as either or both of these printers, and what are your views, good and bad points etc.Apparently the Epson CX3600 can be a little difficult to set, due to poor driver software.

Thanks as always for any feedback.

  BigAl127 12:07 11 Jul 2005

I had the HP PSC1215 and it had quite heavy use. I now have the Epson CX3600.

From a personal point of view, I find that the HP gave better quality printouts, but like you've noticed the cost of cartridges (even compatibles) is around double the cost of replacements for the Epson.

However, I am more than happy with the quality from my CX3600, for what I need.

So really you need to decide which is most important, quality or running costs. If you need anymore info, please let me know.

  BigAl127 12:11 11 Jul 2005

I ought to have added, that the HP uses a tri-Colour cartridge, whereas the epson uses 3 separate colous + black Cartridge.

I purchased 2 full sets of cartridges (8 in total) for £15 yesterday, whereas one set for the HP used to cost me around £25-£30.

  spuds 12:29 11 Jul 2005

Thanks for the quick response. Can you help further, with the following questions!.

Are the Epson cartridges 'chipped',and what printing ratio would the cartridge volume allow.Was there any problems with the driver software, and setting up procedures,as some reviews seem to suggest that the driver software can be a little suspect.

As you say, I have considered the replacement cartridge angle, and I can obtain an Epson compatible 8 pack [4x2 of each] for £17.95 from Choice, who was you supplier!.

  fazer 12:30 11 Jul 2005

I've used the Epsom for some months now and am more than pleased with the quality (in respect of high-res photo's).

You do initialy have to set up your printing parameters (for example I use RGB profile and no colour correction etc)but the scheme you choose can be saved. I have never experienced any difficulty with various photoediting suites "recognising" it either.

I did'nt have any difficulty setting up the printer - it was literally plug it, insert the cd in and switch it on.

  Whaty 13:16 11 Jul 2005

I've used the HP PSC1350 & Epson CX425, not exactly the same but similar to the models you've mentioned. I preferred the paper feed and cost of cartridges on the Epson but otherwise it was the HP, can't be specific (thought they were both good) but overall the HP was the unit for me..

In respect to the cartridges, I also used the Photo cartridge in the HP (not sure if this is an option on the 1215)which meant I had to buy three, Black, Tri-Colour and Photo... a dear do all-in-all.

I found that although the Epson used up the ink more quickly, it was the more economical of the two...

No problems with setting up either printer, if anything you need to be a little more careful with the HP...

Good luck,

  BigAl127 17:28 11 Jul 2005


In response to your other questions, my cartridges are NOT "chipped" . The printing ratio is very much the same with either printer, obviously the volume depends whether you are printing text or pics.

I had no problem with the driver software,or procedures, as long as you follow the quick setup guides you should be fine.

I bought my cartridges from a local computer fair (run by Northern Computer Markets) they were £8 a set or two sets for £15, even cheaper if i'd been willing to buy more sets.

Hope the above is of help.

  spuds 18:01 11 Jul 2005

Thanks everyone, you have all been a big help. Think I will settle for the Epson, as the savings on cartridge prices seems to be the main advantage.

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