epson cx3600 document scan

  Micklemass 20:10 25 May 2005

Whilst pleased with it as a whole do miss being able to scan a document as text. Had an HP scanner which had option to save as editable text. Wondered if anyway round this at all.

Cheers Mick

  Wuggy 21:20 25 May 2005

You need an OCR (optical character recognition) program which was probably bundled and installed with your previous scanner. As I recall PC Advisor gave away Read Iris Pro on the cover disk a couple of months ago. Dig it out, install it and you will be able to edit your scanned documents.

  Micklemass 23:05 25 May 2005

Thanks for that- did wonder but thought it wouldn't work with different scanner. Will look at it tomorrow.


  Micklemass 11:52 22 Jun 2005

Thanks for that Wuggy

Sorry about slow reply and all works ok. Another bonus I found last night was putting 6 photo's in together and it scans as 6 separate images. Very usefull as have a drawer of photo's to sort out.

  MOOCMOOC 07:01 27 Sep 2005

Hi,can you help?
the unit will print and copy but when i try to use the scan facilities the following message appears "unable to access the scanner because it is not ready or another application is using it. Please make sure that the scanner is on and connected to your computer or close all scanning applications". I have no other scan apps.

  spuds 10:25 27 Sep 2005

Best to start your own posting for a better result. This post as been ticked, so may have limited responses.

A possible re-install of the drivers may help.

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