Epson CX3200 choked black nozzle

  Bobhec 21:12 21 Mar 2005

My printer had suddenly stopped printing with the black ink. Have tried to clean it with a cheapish head cleaner but it did'nt help.Has anyone any suggestions on how to clear a choked nozzle?

  Technotiger 21:23 21 Mar 2005

Hi, I am not familiar with your printer (3 in 1 I think), are the jets on the cartridges or on the printer? If on the cartridges (as some are) then you could take out the cartridge and wipe nozzle with dish-cloth dampened with warm water. This should clear nozzle.
Or, if in printer and you can see the hole, do as above, with a lightly dampened cloth.


  Technotiger 21:25 21 Mar 2005

ps - make sure you use lint-free cloth.

  TBH1 12:49 22 Mar 2005

I have one of these devices - - and indeed had the same kind of error. My printer stopped printing black just after changing the colour cartridge. Tried all sorts - -but problem was, spooky enough, the black cartridge running out as well. I had got a 'clone' in there, and system said there was maybe 40% left - -but there wasn't. Changed cart and away I went. i have read that though clones are fine, it does 'mess up' the monitoring software.

Good luck - -

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