Epson compatiabe cartridges -A report

  holly polly 16:22 15 Nov 2003

Hi after the debate on the compatiable cartridges ,and that the magneta cartridge on my epson c82 had expired ,was dissapointed at the very high prices of the epson chips ,after reading the thread decided to take the gamble and give the compatiables a try ,purchased the full set for the c82 -black ,yellow magneta,cyan-for a ridicously low price of £18.99-i was very scheptical -how can these things preform as good as the originals for a fraction of the price ,after giving it a whirl i was pleasently supprised ,the colour rendition is as good as ,if not better than the original -nice one choices -if these can manafacture a working example and make a profit ,just how much are the printer manafacturers making -you are being conned -the day of reckoning is long over due ,pressure should be brought to bear on these multi national companies with their extorniate prices and be brought in line accordingly -choices give you a no quibble money back guarantee ,so if you have been ripped off long enough -as i have been -give them a try -what have you to lose?-the money is better off in your pocket -regards-hol pol...

  johnnyrocker 16:25 15 Nov 2003

well i would wait and se how long your ink lasts first, did the printer identify the cartridges as non epson?


  Proxy Worm 16:29 15 Nov 2003

Look at my thread on epson cartridges click here

  holly polly 16:33 15 Nov 2003

yep ,but thats not a problem as long as it works -curious to know -you suggest that the ink doesnt last as long as the original -any reasons why?-the debate continues for-1,against=1=all square -regards-hol pol...

  holly polly 16:40 15 Nov 2003

ok had a glance at your thread ,and yes purcased mine from this site ok epson smart panel told me it wasn't original -not a problem as long as it works ,mine like yours are also chipped -installed ok -regards-hol pol...

  shifty 17:17 15 Nov 2003

Managed to install one set of compatibles onto a C82 without a hitch but it wouldn't accept another set straight after, had to fit originals. On a C70 it rejected most compatibles and those I did manage to print with, the colour balance was way out. Gave up in the end and changed to printers without chipped cartridges, saving an absolute fortune in the process.

  Spencus 19:13 15 Nov 2003

Apparently most compatible inks are imported from china,and continuity of quality is not guaranteed,reports from the US claim that ink batches can vary from one delivery to another so that both fading and clogging are common problems.The choice is yours !

  Pesala 19:37 15 Nov 2003

I find that these comptabiles from Westlakes are excellent too, though not quite as cheap as one can buy from Choice Stationery. I think the choice is fairly straightforward, and there is no need for a hot debate about it. There are clearly cons as well as pros in using compatibles.

If you do lots of printing use compatibles and save lots of money. If you don't do much printing or want reliability, light-fastness, and highest quality of prints, use originals. If you really want to save time and money, use a mono laser printer or print to PDF and let others buy their own cartridges. (~_~)

  keenan 20:35 15 Nov 2003

Yes i use 'Jet tec' Fast service,PP free -Chipped & never had a duff one click here

  keenan 20:36 15 Nov 2003
  TOPCAT® 21:19 15 Nov 2003

I have been using compatibles since my Epson Colour Stylus 760 was new and its original cartridges needed changing. I purchased from Choice Stationery, and have nothing but praise for their quality and the excellent service they provide. Never had any problems with the cartridges or the amount of ink in them. TC.

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