Epson colour 880 v Epson Photo R200

  badgermansix 08:21 18 Jul 2004

I have the Epson 880 and I am very pleased with it, however, I do print holiday photographs quite often, would I notice much difference with the R200 please?

  bananaslik 08:46 18 Jul 2004

hi badgermansix i use the 880 &print alot of pics,my friend has the 900 & i cant visibly see any difference,apart from the price of the cartridges.the 200 i believe can print onto discs but apart from that i would stick to the 880 with cartridge prices as low £1.50 for a colour i will stay with my 880.

  LAP 10:13 18 Jul 2004

We use the R200 & R300 very quiet. I too take a lot of photos. I take great pride in getting the skin tones of peoples faces just right. We also have two Epson C62's a basic fast noisey printer but no comparison to the 200/300's. I have read the reviews on your 880 and unless your itching to get a new printer I would stick with it.

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  badgermansix 22:46 19 Jul 2004

I have just heard that my friend is getting the R200 within a week, so I am going to print a photograph, take the file on disk to him and print one there, so I should be able to get a first hand result.
I will come back to this thread and make a comment, thanks for your imput.

  woodchip 23:34 19 Jul 2004

The new one to go for is the R800. 8 colours carts including red and blue gloss and second black, well gray carts

  badgermansix 17:04 20 Jul 2004

Thanks woodchip:-)

  pj123 17:38 20 Jul 2004

I also have an 880 and a Photo 895.

I must admit I use the 895 for printing photo's because it has "borderless prints" and also "Print Image Matching". I have printed the same picture on both printers (using Epson Photoquicker) and apart from the 880 not being able to print edge to edge there is no difference, providing you do a Custom Setup on the 880. If your 880 does what you want it to do, stay with it until it breaks, by which time there may be even better printers out there.

  badgermansix 13:18 23 Jul 2004

pj123, thanks for that :-)

I must admit that I am not the best at setting up stuff, and to be honest I don't think I know what you mean by "custom setup" would you enlighten a o.a.p please?

  woodchip 13:29 23 Jul 2004

When you choose Print in a program press the properties button on the printer dialogue, then look at the custom settings in advanced. From another o.a.p

  badgermansix 22:55 25 Jul 2004

Ah! that custom setup? thanks woodchip:=-)

  badgermansix 06:38 23 Aug 2004

Well, I have now seen the results of the R200, I printed the same photograph with both machines, and I must say that the R200 gave a much better result, so I think I'll wait for my birthday :-))

(or even the R800 if they can afford it woodchip).

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