Epson CD printer interering with Pinnacle Studio 8

  CR93Pete 21:29 01 Mar 2008

Hi Team
I seem to go from one stupid thing to another. Thanks to your help PC is fine, but. Yesterday as
I was coming towards completeing the film I am editting in Studio 8.12. I thought that I would better spend some time learning up on the software package, recieved with printer enabling me to print directly onto the DVD's I am hoping to produce. I went into it fairly extensively and imagine my shock tonight when I opened up the video file and found that the stills used in the film were not therre. On checking the original file in "My Pictures" which I use in "My Documents"as sometimes pics from camera sometimes end up there. The full version pictures are also greyed out and not readily found. A file has also appeared at the begining of each folder affected which is called "cdlabel".
Is there an easy way out of this. ? Or is the best thing to do remove / delete the program and hope the neccessary picures reappear or perhaps have to be copied from the other folder. I am sure I can find another program to print the DVD's. I do not need to be cocked up,whilst editting my Video by Mr Epson or anyone else. It is my computer not theirs.
Your Comments and advice appreciated

  rickf 21:32 01 Mar 2008

The Epson printer comes with Epsom CD Print which I have always found to be very reliable. I use Movie EditPro for editing and its been fine.

  CR93Pete 21:52 01 Mar 2008

Thanks for your comment but.....I was trying touse the Epson Print CD program which is causing the trouble but the Pinnacle software I have had for years and this is the only projact I have been able to try it on. For variousa reasons, like NTSC not PAL Camcorder, lack of time, serious head injury, self employment, etc I have been unable to do much as I had the program when it was 1.06, It is now at the end of the line and will not go further. I have the upgrade to 10.8 but the files are not transferable. As I started in 8 I am committed to finishing it in the same set up. Why should it should "collar" all the pics explored in the import option and not cancell after use I don't know. But wish it hadn't.

  €dstowe 21:56 01 Mar 2008

You ought not to do other processes at the same time as rendering videos. Video needs a lot of processing power and some video programs (especially Pinnacle) need the computer to themselves whilst doing their processing. This is one of the reasons (amongst many) that I no longer use Pinnacle.

Don't blame Epson for this.

  100andthirty 22:03 01 Mar 2008

when you're building your video, most of the info is referenced from the file's location. For some reason these files might have moved. In Pinnacle, is there any evidence of the pictures - such as place holders - something you could check - say right click on the place holder to check the properties of the missing photos. (you might sense that I don't use Pinnacle!)

you could uninstall the DVD printing software, but I think your challenge is to search for your pictures - and check the recycle bin just in case!

  CR93Pete 05:47 02 Mar 2008

Thanks €dstowe & 100andthirty, in reply this was before remdering. I have already produced a DVD using the video file that I am building of one of my daughters wedding as a test sample. I am enhancing it by putting some still pictures scanned and from many soureces. As I was father of the bride I didn't take the film, as father of the bride you will understand why. The film taken has a bias towards our family (understanderably), so I have had to add serveral photograghs which illustrate mainly the other family involved ( diplomacy). The XP menu includes Start/"My Pictures", fortunately My pictures can also be reached by My Documents where it also resides. They are not the same.!!When I capture pictures with scanner or camera they will invariably end up in the My documents folder not my pictures. They only get transfered by me. Since exploring the Epson Print CD yesterday all the pictures that I checked both in the video & My Documents folder have "Greyed out". Hold the mouse over them and the details are still there. Fortunately the pictures are still visible in the My Pictures folder (nice having duplicates eh ) Whilst exploring Print CD I did check the availability of the pics for the DVD print which is why the appropriate folder in My pictures has another item in at the begining marked Cdlabel. They are all JPEG images now.
I don't mind so much it re-organise the pictures in My Documents folder but to mess up my video which I have spent so much time on annoys me . I want to find a way to stop it re-orgising things without asking.


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